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Raising Your Child To Be Emotionally Strong

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It is the hope of every parent that their child grows up emotionally strong, independent and caring, but this is not something that happens overnight and your parenting will be key in developing their mental strength. So, how can you raise your child to be strong and independent?

Raising Your Child To Be Emotionally Strong

Encourage Outdoor Activities

Developing independence, strength, confidence and social skills is most effective when outside of the house. This is why it is so important to encourage kids to play outside and socialise from a young age. Activities like roller skating can be helpful because it can be a social activity and it will help to develop confidence as they learn a new skill. Not only this, but they will fall down and learn that they will be ok and that they can look after themselves – this is vital for encouraging them to take risks and step out their comfort zone.

Guide Them Out Their Comfort Zone

Leading on from this, in order to develop important skills and build confidence a child must step out their comfort zone frequently (this is also effective for adults lacking in confidence). You should not force them to do something that they fear but guiding them and supporting them can be immensely helpful and will allow them to learn and experience new things.

Be A Good Role Model

Kids learn a huge amount simply through observing their parents. This means that you need to set a good example by being mentally tough yet compassionate, friendly and confident. Make self-improvement an important part of your life and your kids will follow suit.

Let Them Make Mistakes

People dread failing and making mistakes but the truth is that everyone makes mistakes and this is all part of the learning experience. Many parents do not let their kids make mistakes and will step in to help them succeed – this is actually doing more damage than good because they are not learning important skills and the value of following through despite being knocked back. This is similar to helicopter parenting where a parent is constantly trying the help their child when really they should be developing their own independence.

Give Them Responsibilities

Responsibility develops maturity, self-worth, independence and mental resilience. Giving your child responsibilities whether this is household chores, looking after a pet or getting a job (when they are old enough) is a great way to develop important skills and put them in good stead for their adult life.

In order to develop mental strength and other important characteristics, a parent will need to know how to raise their child and how to avoid common parenting mistakes. These are a few tips which should help your child to grow up to be emotionally intelligent, mature, independent and resilient.





This is a collaborative post. 

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