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Mental Health

An Open Letter To My 23-Year-Old Self

A photo of a 23-year-old girl walking a dog along a beach in Cornwall - An Open Letter To My 23-Year-Old Self - Mrs H's favourite things

Trigger warning: This post contains references to depression and attempted suicide. You may find this triggering if you have personal experience of such subjects. Dear Lucy I know that this is the most traumatic year of your life. I know that you’re broken. And you’re looking for a way to mend yourself. But there doesn’t seem to be a solution. The pain and depression are too intense. The hole is too deep. Nothing can fill it. You feel like you’re…

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Finding Happiness Reviews & Giveaways

We’re Konfidence Swimologist Ambassadors And Win A £50 Gift Voucher (CLOSED)

A photograph of a little girl and a little boy wearing Konfidence swimwear from Konfidence UK - We're Konfidence UK Swimologist Ambassadors And Win A £50.00 Voucher - Mrs H's favourite things

AD – As Konfidence Swimologist Ambassadors we have been sent many products to review and are being sent to Alton Towers to put these products through their paces. However, we’re not being compensated financially for these posts and as always all words, opinions and images are my own and 100% honest. We’re Konfidence Swimologist Ambassadors And Win A £50.00 Gift Voucher (CLOSED) We’re thrilled to announce that we’re Konfidence Swimologist Ambassadors for 2019. Konfidence are Europe’s leading dedicated designers and…

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Mental Health Motherhood

Chronic Depression And Deciding To Become A Parent

A photograph of a mother and her little girl paddling in the sea - Chronic Depression And Deciding To Become A Parent - Mrs H's favourite things

Deciding to have children is a tough decision at the best of times. Deciding to start a family when you have chronic depression and anxiety, and take regular medication is another thing altogether. Years ago, I read an article in The Guardian that discusses the July 2014 guidelines that were issued to GPs by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE). These guidelines give doctors advice on how they should treat female patients who suffer from depression. In particular, it recommends that…

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Books & Bakes Mental Health

Bullet Journal Monthly Set-Up for May

I’ve been using a bullet journal for the past few years. A bullet journal helps my mental health as it allows me to be more organised, which combats my anxiety. But it also provides me with a creative outlet. (I don’t think of myself as very creative but my bullet journal lets that small side of me out). However, over the past few months, I haven’t been so good at using my bullet journal. And I have really noticed a…

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