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How To Design A Living Room You Want To Spend Time In

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How to design a living room you want to spend time in” is a collaborative post.

It’s an age-old problem for families everywhere: you spend so much time fighting with your home that you never quite get to enjoy being there. If you aren’t tripping up over toys and accidentally stepping on stray Lego, you are probably chasing dishes around the kitchen and shouting at everyone to tidy up after themselves.

The good news is that you can break this cycle. It might seem impossible right now but the truth is that with the right strategies and a bit of rethink, every room in your home can function well. Or at least, well enough.

How To Design A Living Room You Want To Spend Time In

Choose A Focus For The Room

The living room takes a lot of traffic during the day for most people but it should still have a clear function. Using the other rooms in your house is crucial for this; so eat in the kitchen or dining room, get the kids to play in their rooms or a separate playroom and work in a separate office space or at the dining table.

While many families use the TV as the focus for their living room, a calmer idea is to use a log burning fire. Designing a room around a fire might sound archaic but actually, it is a much nicer focal point than yet another screen. Go here to view some options.

Adding more books to your living space is also a good way to encourage reading and a dedicated cupboard for card and board games will encourage you to spend more time playing as a family. Similarly, a basket of blankets and pillows will bring a sense of comfort and an excellent opportunity to build the ultimate fort!

Create Organisation Strategies

Putting things away in cupboards and baskets is the best way to create a sense of space and give you a chance to relax. Living in a messy space can actually affect your mental health so putting a few strategies in place will make a huge difference.

The first thing to do is decide where different items should live and then stick to that plan. Only living room items should be in the living room and at the end of the day (or the start if you are a lark) you should go round moving things back to their home. While you can use your living room for anything you like, you must make sure that it doesn’t become crowded with bits and bobs from projects and homework.

Get The Whole Family Involved

Creating a space you want to spend time in should be a whole family effort and should never fall to just one person (let’s face it, this person is usually mom). Teaching your kids to clear up after themselves is a big part of this and training should start early. When everyone takes a bit more responsibility, your house will be a lot calmer as a result.

With just a few strategies in place, your whole lifestyle can really improve and give you a chance to really enjoy your home. So don’t hang about – get started!





This is a collaborative post.

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