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How Expressing Your Thoughts Could Be Part Of Your Life

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“How expressing your thoughts could be part of your life” is a collaborative post.

Ever feel like you have a million different things on your mind but you can’t pluck one out of the air? When we’re overloaded with senses, worries, anticipations, anxieties and expectations, we sometimes get lost in our own mind. This can lead to all of those things getting worse and worse. Time just flies by and we don’t ever get a mental rest. It’s all day long and it continues to annoy us in our everyday lives. Many people actually have an above average heart rate due to anxieties that are flared by thoughts that are spiralling out of control. It can feel like you’re in a hurricane and can’t find your way out. Well, the older generation has been through much of the same things we have and they found a solution to this ages ago. It’s called keeping a diary In a diary you are expressing your thoughts in your own words and without any fear of anyone else knowing what it is you’re thinking. It saves you embarrassment and confused loved ones. In the modern world, there are several different kinds of ways you can express your thoughts.

How Expressing Your Thoughts Could Be Part Of Your Life

Lock Yourself In

Once upon a time, a diary was something that people left at home and at the end of the day, they would add to it. They might not have had room to take it with them and even if they did, they would be a bit afraid of it being found out. In the modern day and age, there are locking diaries which you can buy. These have a combination lock, often just a simple but strong three-wheel system. You can buy higher tech diaries that require fingerprints but the former is a cheaper choice. You can take your diary with you anywhere you go, and because only you know the combination, no one who you don’t want to read it, will.

Take this diary with you to work, take it with you when you’re going to events such as holidays and weddings. The simple act of putting pen to paper and taking the time to write out your thoughts can be extremely therapeutic. It sounds very basic, but it’s the blank canvas that a diary gives you and the privacy afforded by it that really allows you to be free in your expression of your deepest darkest thoughts and secrets.

Is There Anybody Out There?

You will already know by now that a place you can call home for your thoughts, is itself worth its weight in gold. It’s an amazing release and a chance for you to also look back on your writing and see yourself in a third person. Reading and absorbing the words you wrote last week compared to how you are feeling this week, is a very good marker which you can use to track progression and notice patterns. However, you can also start a blog and write about things that really haunt you or the anxieties of life that you live through. You can keep yourself anonymous so no one will ever know your true identity if that is what you wish. Being able to access your blog is crucial at times. It’s not like a diary which you can take out of your bag, you need technology and a WiFi connection which is pretty much everywhere these days.

Buying a notebook of some kind is, therefore, a good idea. Many people think that the best kind of portable notebook is the Google Chromebook, however, the Apple MacBook has held the top spot for many people for a very long time. Contrary to popular belief it’s easy to use and add images to your post and change things around on your blog. The big issue for some is the fact that Apple trackpads do not have mouse button, unlike the competitors. But here is how to right click on a Mac mouse of any kind. The trackpad can be set to have a secondary click whereby you use two fingers instead of one. It is a pressure sensor also so you just use any two fingers and push down. This is great for writing on your blog at any time and anywhere, as you can add images from your library and insert videos too.

If You’re Not Too Shy

Even if you suffer from mental health problems, they might not have a debilitating effect on your life. That’s the thing about mental health, it’s an invisible condition. On the surface, we all look like normal people but it’s our mind that makes us all so very unique. If you have a mental health condition that is very specific and doesn’t affect your ability to socialize or be in front of the camera, you do have the option of starting a vlogging channel on YouTube. Nowadays cameras on smartphones are excellent quality so you don’t even need to buy professional equipment. In fact it might even be more intimate with a smartphone camera and mic.

On this channel, you can simply use it as a diary. Just set the camera up, whatever it might be, and begin talking. You can express all the things you normally would to your diary or blog if you wish. You can keep the videos private and or unlisted so they’re not able to be viewed by the general public. On the other hand if you want to share your life’s worries and hope to find similar people going through the same thing, then you can make it a public channel. If you are not someone who is ready to interact with viewers, you can turn the comments off if you wish although, it’s more healthy to keep them on as you could be left a very understanding and helpful comment from a total stranger.





This is a collaborative post.

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