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Why Giving Up Alcohol Could Be The Best Thing You Do Today

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“Why Giving Up Alcohol Could Be The Best Thing You Do Today” is a collaborative post.

We guess our first question to you might be…

Should you give up drinking alcohol?

If you are able to drink in moderation, then you might not have to rule out the odd bottle of red or white out of your life entirely. The occasional tipple isn’t harmful, whether you drink alone or with others. On the other hand, if you know you have a problem with alcohol, and that you depend on it a little too much, then cutting down or actually giving up could be the best thing you do today.


Why Giving Up Alcohol Could Be The Best Thing You Do Today?

You Will Improve Your Life Chances

The more alcohol you consume, the greater your risk of developing serious health conditions. As stated in the linked article, these include liver disease, pancreatitis, and cancer. Not only will these conditions severely limit the way you live your life, but they could potentially shorten your lifespan too. Not only that, but the more you drink, the greater your chance of getting into an accident because of your reduced ability to act and think properly. If you value your life then, you know what you need to do; cut down or quit the bottle! The sooner you do, the sooner your body will start repairing itself before long-term damage sets in.

You Will Protect Your Mental Health

It isn’t only your physical health you have to worry about when drinking too heavily, as alcohol can also affect your mental health. Scientific evidence has pointed to the correlation between drinking alcohol and health issues such as depression, anxiety, and psychotic disorders. You can learn more about alcohol’s psychological effects here. As with the physical side-effects of drinking, the sooner you cut down or give up, the better you will feel on a mental and emotional level. Now, while we appreciate that drinking alcohol can also be a great stress-reliever, you should look for other ways to boost your wellbeing as an alternative to booze, such as taking part in more exercise, meditating, and spending more time with friends and family.

You Will Have More Money In Your Pocket

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on alcohol, be it very little with a cheap bottle of wine from the supermarket, or a lot should you choose to splash out on something way more expensive, you will still have more money in your pockets if you kick the habit. You will then have more money to put into your savings, and have extra money to spend on those other things you might enjoy, such as trips out to the theatre or cinema. Give yourself a wake-up call today, and calculate how much you spend on alcohol. The result might shock you!

You Will Stop Fearing Your Reflection In The Mirror

Alcohol dehydrates your skin and causes it to look dull and tired. It’s responsible for acne breakouts on your face. It can dry out your hair, and might even thin it out, leaving more of your scalp on show. And alcohol can also cause weight gain, both directly with the increased calorie intake and indirectly, by stimulating your appetite level. So, if you have ever feared your reflection in the mirror because of any of these issues, you now have a greater incentive to cut out alcohol from your life. Your skin and hair will then start to look better, and you will have less trouble trying to lose weight if you’re on a diet plan.

You Will Have Less Trouble Sleeping

Many of us have a glass of wine or two before bed, mistakenly thinking that it will help us sleep better at night. And while drinking will make us feel drowsy, and yes, fall asleep quicker, it will ultimately reduce the quality and quantity of sleep we receive. As discussed in the following linked article by the National Sleep Foundation, alcohol can disrupt our sleeping pattern, aggravate breathing problems, and wake us up for those extra trips to the loo. If you are regularly feeling tired in the morning then, despite going to bed at a reasonably decent time, then your consumption of alcohol might be to blame. For a better night’s sleep, consider replacing alcohol with warm milk or a herbal tea as your bedtime drink of choice.

You Won’t Wake Up With A Hangover Tomorrow

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Not only will tiredness be an issue when you’re trying to function after getting out of bed, but you will probably have a hangover too after drinking alcohol before hitting the pillow. Now, while there are all kinds of ways to cure a hangover, considering the other ill-effects drinking has on your life, surely the better cure is not to drink at all. Or, at the very least, cut down your alcohol intake by having one rather than two drinks a night, or by purchasing smaller glasses, so you aren’t drinking as much!

You Won’t Make Any Stupid Decisions

How many times have you done something you have later regretted as a consequence of drinking alcohol? You might have ruined a friendship because you have said something hurtful. You might have found yourself in trouble with the law should you have driven while under the influence. And you might have embarrassed yourself in front of others on a night out, perhaps because you walked the streets with a traffic cone stuck to your head! Alcohol reduces our ability to think clearly, so to ensure you don’t say or act in a way that could ruin your reputation, think about cutting down or giving up.


Giving up alcohol isn’t easy, we know. However, let the benefits of giving up (or cutting down) give you the incentive to make the effort. Let other people know that you are reducing your alcohol intake too, so they will support you with your goals. And if you have a serious issue with alcohol, speak to your doctor or refer yourself to a rehab centre. Visit for more info. Giving up or cutting down on alcohol could be the best thing you do today, so think about your life, and the way alcohol has impacted you thus far. Would your life be better without it? In both the short and the long-term, your answer might be a resounding “yes.”

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This is a collaborative post.

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