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5 Home Improvement Tasks To Do This Summer

“5 Home Improvement Tasks To Do This Summer” is a collaborative post.

Summer could be the perfect time to invest in some home improvements. Here are just five projects that are worth considering taking up before August is over.

5 Home Improvement Tasks To Do This Summer

Upgrade Your Heating

Your home’s heating might be the last thing that’s on your mind in the summer, but these warmer months could be the perfect time to consider an upgrade to your heating system. You’re unlikely to notice any disruption, and prices are likely to be cheaper due to less demand. You certainly don’t want to wait until winter to replace your boiler if you’ve had a boiler breakdown as this could mean having to endure the cold nights without any form of heat. Boilers need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years and serviced every year to check that they’re working properly.

Improve Your Home’s Insulation

You could also consider insulating your home now in preparation for the winter. Contractors tend to offer much more competitive pricing on insulation in the summer due to the lower demand. Jobs like installing double glazing could also be ideal for the summer when it’s hotter and dryer – you don’t want to replace a window in the winter when it’s cold and raining.

Repair Your Roof

Summer storms can often cause damage to roofs. You’ll want to repair this damage before winter comes along as the frost will make any existing damage worse. A new roof is a big investment, but it could add a lot of curb appeal and therefore a lot of value to your home. It may be safer to use a roofing company than you to attempt this task yourself.

Clean Out/ Repair Your Guttering

Guttering can get full of debris over autumn and winter. This can cause blockages, causing water to overflow. Summer if the perfect time to get rid of this debris. If you wait until winter, it could become harder as the cold may cause this debris and water to freeze up. You’re best hiring a guttering repair company to take on this task.

Install Exterior Lighting

It could be worth installing exterior lighting on your home if you haven’t already. This will help when the darker winter months roll in – allowing you to more easily find your keys in the dark or simply helping to deter burglars. You can sometimes get better deals on exterior lighting in the summer. Motion sensing lighting is likely to be the most economical option.





This is a collaborative post.

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