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July 2019

Finding Happiness Motherhood

Little Miss H’s Birth Story – The Birth

A photograph of a baby girl at one day old - Little Miss H's Birth Story - The Birth - Mrs H's favourite things

Little Miss H is now six years old and Little Mister H is three. So it seems silly that I’m writing their birth stories now. I never wrote their birth stories before because I wasn’t blogging when Little Miss H was born and then it never seemed to be the right time. Then with Little Mister H, I was so busy getting used to being a mum to two children, that I never sat down to write it. But on…

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Finding Happiness

Konfidence Golden Bucket Sand Art Competition 2019 – AD

A photograph of a blonde haired little boy building a sand castle on a beach - Konfidence Sand Art Competition 2019 - Mrs H's favourite things

AD – This is an Advertisement feature for Konfidence UK’s Golden Bucket Sand Art Competition and is part of my role as Konfidence Swimologist Brand Ambassadors. Little Mister H recently had his birthday. It was a lovely day and Mr H had the day off work. So we decided to take him for a trip to the beach at Camber Sands. My children and I love the beach. It is our happy place. Besides being close to the sea there…

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Finding Happiness Reviews & Giveaways

Swimming With Konfidence At Splash Landings

A photograph of a little girl at Splash Landings in Alton Towers wearing a Konfidence Original Swim JAcket and Konfidence Warma Wetsuit - Swimming With Konfidence At Splash Landings - Mrs H's favourite things

AD – We were gifted our trip to Splash Landings at Alton Towers as part of our role as Konfidence Swimologist brand ambassadors. Konfidence also provided us with the Original Konfidence Swim Jackets that are mentioned in this post. We are thrilled to be Konfidence Swimologist brand ambassadors this year. As part of our role, we will be reviewing their Original Konfidence Swim Jackets and other swimwear. We were sent to Splash Landings, Alton Tower’s water park, to really put…

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Finding Happiness Motherhood

A Family Update

A photograph of a Dad and his young son standing in the doorway of Bodiam Castle - A Family Update - Mrs H's favourite things

First of all, I want to say that this is NOT a pregnancy announcement. But as I sit here watching England win the Cricket World Cup (amazing), I realised that I haven’t given you an update about what is happening in our family in forever. I thought I would give you a little update and (if I can remember) I will try and do this every few months. So this is what is currently happening and what has happened in…

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Finding Happiness Travel & Days Out

Elderflower Fields: The Perfect Family Festival – Part One

A photograph of a festival stage with festival goers dancing and having fun - Elderflower Fields - The Perfect Family Festival - Part One - Mrs H's favourite things

On Friday, 24th May, I spent the whole afternoon packing bags full of suncream, raincoats, wellies, and glitter. Everything you need for a festival. Because as soon as we’d picked Little Miss H up from school we were heading to Pippingford Park in Sussex to attend Elderflower Fields. This was our second visit to Elderflower Fields as we had attended last year. So we were all super excited to be going. And Little Miss H could barely contain herself as…

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