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Five Best Europe Beach Resorts For Families

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Europe is full of exciting beach resorts for all ages. This also makes them the perfect holiday destination for a family keen to experience fun and thrills. From Spain to Italy Turkey, sunshine and sand are guaranteed at some of the best lodging facilities imaginable. But what exactly are they, and what makes them so appealing?

Consequently, here are five of the best Europe beach resorts for families!

Five Best Europe Beach Resorts For Families

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Of course, it’s sometimes the case that not everyone can afford the most extravagant beach resorts out there. It’s understandable, but it doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the experience entirely. As of April 2019, Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach became the cheapest European resort, so if you’re keen for a more affordable experience, head there. There’re plenty of water sports to get wrapped up in and sand dunes to explore. So there’s certainly a lot of appeal, even if it’s not quite up to parity with other resorts in Europe!

Calista Luxury Resort, Turkey

Calista Luxury Resort is one of Turkey’s dream places to stay. Here travellers will discover a heated pool, meeting rooms, multilingual staff, and even a banquet room and golf course. This gives the appeal of the resort an extra edge. There are also numerous activities here that are specially tailored to children. So they can be occupied while parents enjoy some downtime too! Ultimately, this resort provides a well-rounded experience for all.

Pilot Beach Resort, Greece

Located in Crete, Greece, Pilot Beach Resort is full of family-friendly activities. There’s a year-round kid’s club, and the entire area is surrounded by mountains with a stellar view of the beachfront to cap it all off. This all serves as a constant reminder that you’re not just in a typical beach resort – it’s a luxury five-star offering in every area, from food to fun that can be had.

Villacana Resort, Spain

Rarely are resorts so colourful, but at Villacana Resort in Spain you have sparkling waters of the most vivid blue and lush green gardens also, filled to the brim with well-kept, colourful flowers. Once again, this resort is chockfull of kid’s activities and an abundance of toys to play with (including bikes) and pools to play in! All of the fun has a designated sport in the play area, so your child can release all their hyper energy in a safe, concentrated space.

Salema Beach Village, Portugal

Few resorts adopt a theme so stunningly well, and because of this, Salema Beach Village, Portugal, truly stands in a league of its own. It’s a village-style Algarvian retreat that offers a full breakfast each morning, specially designed kid’s bedrooms and pools, and a continuously peaceful atmosphere. The most glorious beaches are found here too, offering tranquillity and calm to all who visit. Perfect if you’re keen to really unwind.





This is a collaborative post.

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    Newcastle Family Life
    July 21, 2019 at 2:03 pm

    My teen went to Portugal with grandparents and loved it, it has made me want to visit myself after seeing how beautiful it looks. We went to Majorca last year which was lovely and we are off to Greece for our next holiday x

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