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The 5 Most Important Features For A Family Car

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Every trip on the road should be safe and enjoyable, but people have varying needs depending on things like age and interests. Therefore, it can be tough finding a perfect family car, because there’re so many considerations here to really mull over in terms of pleasing everybody.

However, it is possible to land on that ideal family vehicle if you keep a sharp eye out for five separate features. But what are they?

Consequently, here’re the 5 most important features for a family car.

The 5 Most Important Features For A Family Car

Colour Aesthetics

Obviously, you should want your car to look as agreeable as possible for everyone hopping inside. If you’re taking your kids to the school gates in a bright pink range rover, there’s a strong chance your children, husband or wife won’t be too thrilled about being seen in it. Try to go for a more neutral colour scheme involving light blues, greens and whites; you’re less likely to ruffle any family feathers that way.

Colours That Repel Heat

Colours keep people cool not only in terms of style but in temperature too. This is because blacks and other dark colours retain heat better, which isn’t at all ideal for your passengers in the summer. While it’s uncomfortable for most people, young children and family pets may face more serious health complications if they’re frequently too hot in your car, parked or otherwise. Go for lighter colours, and chances are everyone will cool off more easily.


Roomy SUVs like the Peugeot 3008 often make for the best family used cars. If you’re taking your kids out to school, clubs and parties, they’ll no doubt need all those extra seats and space for their friends, bags and equipment. You should also consider the shopping too; as families get bigger, you’ll need more space in the vehicle to store all their supermarket goodies. Ultimately, with a more spacious SUV you can make one round trip at the end of the week for shopping, rather than a series of quick trips throughout.

Key Fob Activated Doors

Most parents probably wish they had an extra arm or two. There’s a lot of carrying things around from shopping to the kids themselves, and a good grip is needed to really keep it all firmly held in a safe and secure way. In this situation, opening a car door is a very tricky task, but automatic sliding doors can really make things easier. They can be activated with a button on a key fob and save you a lot of time and hassle in getting things in the car. It’s simple and easy to use and may just calm you down on those days where pulling your hair out seems like a real possibility.

Safety Systems

Cars are having new technologies built into them that improve vehicle safety. Rearview cameras, blind spot sensors, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warnings and more all feature on the latest cars today. By 2022, speed limiting technology will be mandatory for all vehicles sold in Europe, which will also apply to the UK. It all provides crucial support on the roads. After all, with young kids in the car, you can become very easily distracted, but if you have the latest technology installed in your vehicle you will never lose focus.





This is a collaborative post.

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