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July 2019

Finding Happiness Motherhood

A Family Update

A photograph of a Dad and his young son standing in the doorway of Bodiam Castle - A Family Update - Mrs H's favourite things

First of all, I want to say that this is NOT a pregnancy announcement. But as I sit here watching England win the Cricket World Cup (amazing), I realised that I haven’t given you an update about what is happening in our family in forever. I thought I would give you a little update and (if I can remember) I will try and do this every few months. So this is what is currently happening and what has happened in…

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Finding Happiness

How We Keep Mobile Phone Costs Low – AD

A photograph of a woman holding a mobile phone - How We Keep Mobile Phone Costs Low - Mrs H's favourite things

AD – “How We Keep Mobile Phone Costs Low” is a sponsored post. It feels like mobile phone bills get higher every year. With multiple contracts in one household, it was vital that we found ways to keep our phone costs low. Today we’re sharing how we achieved this. Feel free to use some of these ideas so you can save money too. How We Keep Mobile Phone Costs Low We Never Pay For More Data Than We Use This…

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Mental Health

Your Stress Could Be Killing You: It’s Time To Regain Your Chill

A photograph of a woman doing yoga outdoors - Your Stress Could Be Killing You - It's Time To Regain Your Chill - Mrs H's favourite things

This is a collaborative post. Stress can be good for us. In small doses, at least. It can sharpen our senses, hone our instincts and prevent us from becoming complacent in the workplace and the home. It can help us to be and remain, the best that it can be. However, if we allow it to, stress can become chronic. It can become an ever-present menace whose interference in our lives we grow accustomed to. And, unfortunately, when this happens…

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Finding Happiness Travel & Days Out

Elderflower Fields: The Perfect Family Festival – Part One

A photograph of a festival stage with festival goers dancing and having fun - Elderflower Fields - The Perfect Family Festival - Part One - Mrs H's favourite things

On Friday, 24th May, I spent the whole afternoon packing bags full of suncream, raincoats, wellies, and glitter. Everything you need for a festival. Because as soon as we’d picked Little Miss H up from school we were heading to Pippingford Park in Sussex to attend Elderflower Fields. This was our second visit to Elderflower Fields as we had attended last year. So we were all super excited to be going. And Little Miss H could barely contain herself as…

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