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Patio And Decking Ideas For Your Home And Garden

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Patio and decking arrangements can really give your home some more character. With their addition, your house will have added value and improved functionality. After all, the best adjustments you can make to your home are always the ones that are both decorative and practical – and decking and patios more than fill that quota!

Patio And Decking Ideas For Your Garden And Home

Decking – Tall Frames Are Key

When it comes to decking, it’s important to realise that the best projects here utilise some degree of landscaping. Of course, the level at which you landscape will depend on the shape and size of your garden, and if it winds, twists, turns, and slopes. The more erratic your garden is in this regard, the more a tall frame is necessary.

A sizeable frame ensures that no one’s sliding or rolling around on top, straightening everything out for a steady surface. Without that frame, a lumpy or uneven finish is very likely, so it’s always a good idea to include a taller frame if you feel able to do so. You’ll also have a nice vantage point to view your garden from, so let this be your first consideration in the decking area.

Patios – Add Some Warmth

Patios are diverse spaces. The paving slabs can come in many different shapes, sizes, patterns, and colours, and thankfully don’t take too much work to clean and maintain once everything’s been laid down. The only downside is the outside, in that the area can’t be used when there’s a chill in the air… or can it?

Include patio-specific heating, and this problem quickly dissipates. From cosy firepits to hanging electric halogen patio heaters, incorporating any of these into the space is a great way to stay warm on an evening drinking with your friends in the garden. Gone are the days where sunshine is needed to use a patio – add some warmth, and you can use the area on a year-round basis.

Decking And Patios – Bring The Indoors Outdoors

Patios and decking areas are certainly outdoor areas, but they’re also great places to position some indoor goods too. Furniture in the form of benches and tables can work well on both, as well as things like teapots, cushions, rugs and candles. Weather permitting, all of these accessories add more character to each respective area.

This effect can be further emphasised if your patio or decking area is built directly out of the back of your house, instead of at the opposite end of the garden, for example. Consequently, you can almost seamlessly transition from one space to the next, and it all just feels like one big extension of the indoor area. The appeal of these areas is then heightened, because they feel more accessible and homely, rather than isolated spaces that are tucked away elsewhere.





This is a collaborative post.

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