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September 2019

Baby Loss

Tell Me Why – Why I’m Supporting Tommy’s “Tell Me Why” Campaign

A black and white photograph of a teddy bear sitting on a bench - Tell Me Why - Why I'm Supporting Tommy's Tell Me Why Campaign - Mrs H's favourite things

“Tell me why.” “It’s just one of those things.” “It’s pure bad luck.” “Many pregnancies end in miscarriage.” Tell Me Why When a pregnancy ends in baby loss, you desperately want to know the reason why. You look for answers. Why did this heartbreaking event have to happen? How can I stop it happening again? You don’t care what the answer is. You just want someone to tell you why your baby has died. But when no answers come, you…

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Books & Bakes Reviews & Giveaways

“The Way Home For Wolf” by Rachel Bright And Jim Field – A Review – AD

A photograph of the cover of the book The Way Home For Wolf by Rachel Bright and Jim Field - The Way Home For Wolf By Rachel Bright And Jim Field - A Review - Mrs H's favourite things

AD – The Way Home For Wolf by Rachel Bright and Jim Field was gifted to us for the purpose of this review. We adore reading in our household. And our love of books is something that unites us all. There is nothing that we like more than snuggling down at night and reading the children their bedtime stories. So we were thrilled when we were chosen to review The Way Home For Wolf. This is the brand new book…

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Baby Loss Reviews & Giveaways

Jana Reinhardt Silver Wing Necklace – A Review – AD

A photograph of a Jana Reinhardt original silver wing necklace - a perfect gift for a baby loss mama - Silver Wing Necklace By Jana Reinhardt - A Review - Mrs H's favourite things

AD – I was sent the wing necklace by Jana Reinhardt for the purpose of this review. When we first lost our babies, I wasn’t able to emotionally process the idea of having a memento to remember them by. Some people plant a rose or a tree in their baby’s honour. But I just couldn’t do that. I needed to move on and grieve in my own way. However, those days are past and I now want to find a…

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Mental Health

The Day I Attempted Suicide – #WSPD

A photograph of a girl with her back to the camera and sitting on a dock of a bay - The Day I Attempted Suicide - Mrs H's favourite things

Trigger warning: This post contains details of attempted suicide. You may find it triggering if you have personal experience of this subject. The memory is a funny old thing! There are times when I can’t remember what I did yesterday. Then there are days that stay with you forever. Sometimes these days are the best days of your life – the day you got married or gave birth to your children. But sometimes these days are the worst days of…

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Finding Happiness

Snapshots Of Our Summer

A photograph of a mother and a daughter standing in front of Smallhythe Place - Snapshots Of Our Summer - Mrs H's favourite things

September is here. Little Miss H has returned to school and Little Mister H has started pre-school for the first time. The summer is officially over. And with it, the wonderful memories we have of the summer holidays drift away in a haze. But there are many happy memories to remember. So I would like to share a few of these with you, my dear readers. Snapshots Of Our Summer Playing In The Paddling Pool We have had many lovely…

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