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Autumn Gardening Tips And Tricks

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“Autumn Gardening Tips And Tricks” is a collaborative post.

Now that the summer is over and autumn is ringing in, it’s time for a change in our gardens. It’s time to get ready for the winter season and the harsh weather conditions we are about to face.

The tide truly changes when autumn rolls around in the garden and it’s important for us to take care and ensure that the garden survives through winter. So that it can thrive again when spring comes around

Autumn Gardening Tips And Tricks

Remove Trees

The first thing you can consider after the summer is gone is emergency tree removal for any trees which you no longer want in the garden. After quite some time there might be some trees you want to get rid of and it is always better to wait until they have bloomed to get rid of them. 

Plant Bulbs

It might seem like totally the wrong time of year to be planting bulbs and planning for the spring. However, it’s the ideal time for you to plant bulbs which will thrive early next year. For example, dahlias and tulips can be planted now in an arrangement in the garden. They will simply hibernate over the winter and begin to develop in the early spring. Ready to bloom when the sun comes out and the days become longer.

Mow The Lawn

Now that the heavy growth season is over it’s the ideal time for you to mow the lawn and get rid of those last bits of long grass before the winter kicks in. The lawn is not likely to grow any longer so once you have mowed it one last time it should last until the spring! 

Autumn Clean

When you start looking through the garden at the things you can do it’s important for you to clean out the beds and get them ready for the winter. This means that you should dig out weeds and dead plants. Allow the beds to stay uncovered for the winter so that they refresh for the next season. 

Tidy Up Borders

The summer is always a huge growth season in the garden. And this often results in you having a lot of things to tidy up in the winter. The borders around the edge of the lawn and the plant beds should be cleaned out and tidied. This will ensure that you have a tidy looking garden throughout the winter with no bother and no mess. 

Clean Up Leaves

As soon as autumn hits, your garden will start to look totally different and before long you won’t even be able to see your lawn or beds for leaves. It’s important for the health of your garden that you clear leaves away from the space and allow the soil to air and dry. Otherwise, the damp can damage the lawn and make it difficult to save. 

Save Plants

Last of all, if you have any plants which aren’t hardy and won’t last the winter, make sure to either cover them in bubble wrap to keep them safe from frost or bring them inside the house for the winter.





This is a collaborative post.

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