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Finding Happiness

What To Do When Moving Day Is Close

A photograph of an elaborate door key on a piece of wood and surrounded by daisies - What To Do When Moving Day Is Close - Mrs H's Favourite Things

This is a collaborative post. The thought of having to move out is enough to send shivers down experienced movers spines. Moving is just stressful, and for first-time movers, this can be even more of a worrying time. However, there are a few things that you can do to make life easier as moving day approaches. There are still going to be little bumps in the road that will complicate matters. And after having to find a home, have the…

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Home & Garden Mental Health

Could Decluttering Help With Your Mindset? How You Can Get Started.

A photograph of a woman at the beach with a sun glare across the photo - Could Decluttering Help Your Mindset? How To Get Started - Mrs H's favourite things

This is a collaborative post. The term messy house and messy mind can often ring true with some people. I know that I always feel more stressed if I am surrounded by mess. And if you find yourself in a cluttered space it can be quite difficult to clear your mind.¬†Leaving it feeling cluttered with your thoughts, anxiety and emotions. A simple task like decluttering your home or some of the spaces where you spend most of your time could…

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