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Babywearing love – a review of the Wuti Wrap by We Made Me

A photograph collage of a mother wearing her young baby in the Wuti Wrap by We Made Me - Babywearing love - a review of the Wuti Wrap by We Made Me

Little Miss H was six months old when I started babywearing. I bought a bamboo woven wrap and began to carry her for journeys into town or to see friends. I  also wrapped her when I was doing chores around the house and she needed to nap.

During my pregnancy with Little Mister H, I would imagine our little boy as a newborn baby. And I would become excited about the idea of wearing him. Being able to breathe in his newborn smell as I carried him next to my skin. But I was at a loss to know which wrap would be best for our new baby.

Thankfully the lovely people at We Made Me offered to send me their Wuti Wrap to try out.

The Wuti Wrap by We Made Me

A photograph of a section of the Wuti Wrap that has the logo for the company We Made Me - Babywearing love - A review of the Wuti Wrap by We Made Me - Mrs H's favourite things

The Wuti Wrap is a stretchy wrap and is perfect for babies from the age of newborn to 9 months old. Although it can be worn for longer and is safe until your baby is 24 months old (or weighs approximately 15.9kg or 35lbs).

I started to wrap Little Mister H in the Wuti Wrap when he was only a few days old. He is now 6 months old and I still use the Wuti on occasions. Although most days now I use the Pao Carrier by We Made Me (but this is mainly because of the convenience of the pre-school run).

The Wuti Wrap has been a lifesaver. I wrapped Little Mister H in the Wuti most days during his first few months. Little Mister developed colic when he was about 6 weeks old. He would start to cry as I was about to head into the kitchen to cook Little Miss H’s dinner.  The Wuti Wrap was the perfect solution. Pop baby in the Wuti Wrap and Little Miss H’s bedtime could be done while her brother naps peacefully in the wrap.

Why we love the Wuti Wrap?

A photograph of the Wuti Wrap by We Made Me in its pouch and at the top of an open and packed changing bag - Babywearing love - A review of the Wuti Wrap by We Made Me - Mrs H's favourite things

1. It is easy to tie.

I’ve often struggled with tying my woven wrap (I am all fingers and thumbs). But the Wuti Wrap is very easy to tie. It does need some practice at first. The brilliant advice booklet does recommend that you try tying the wrap a few times before you start carrying your baby. (Something I diligently did at 36 weeks pregnant with a very stiff stuffed Panda bear.) Although you may feel silly practising with a teddy bear it really does pay off. And once the baby is here you will be a pro at tying your Wuti Wrap.

2. It is safe and secure for the baby.

Little Mister H is secure in the Wuti Wrap. The fabric doesn’t sag but supports him no matter how long he has been in the wrap. It really moulds to his body and holds him comfortably next to me.

When he was little it was wonderful being able to put him in the wrap knowing he would be comfy and cosy. That he would be able to hear my heartbeat and feel comforted being next to his mummy. In fact, Little Mister H has always fallen asleep the moment I have wrapped him. A sure sign that he feels secure, comfortable and happy in his Wuti Wrap.

3. It is comfortable for mum to wear.

The Wuti Wrap is much longer and wider than my woven wrap. The extra length means that I can tie the double knot at the front of my body. I prefer this to knotting the wrap at my back. It allows me to sit down comfortably and it also feels more secure.

The wider fabric can be folded back on my shoulders. This helps to evenly distribute Little Mister H’s weight.

4. It is ergonomically designed.

The Wuti Wrap moulds to Little Mister H’s shape and it is easy to position him in the wrap in the recommended M position. And if any readjustment is needed to Little Mister H’s positioning then this can easily be done when he is in the wrap.

A photograph collage of a mother wearing her baby in the Wuti Wrap by We Made Me - Babywearing love - a review of the Wuti Wrap by We Made Me

5. It is made of breathable fabric.

Little Mister H was born in July and I wore him during the hot summer months. In the past, I haven’t been able to baby wear during the summer as my bamboo woven wrap was unbearable in the heat. But the Wuti Wrap is made out of a breathable mesh fabric which kept Little Mister H and I cool on even the hottest days.

6. It is machine washable.

This speaks for itself. Babies have a habit of being sick or their nappies leak. So being able to wash my wrap is a must.

7. It is stylish.

I choose the Wuti Wrap in Lavender and I do love the colour. I also think that the contrasting blue piping is a lovely touch. And this striking piping comes in handy too. It helps me know where to tighten the shoulder straps of the wrap before I secure it in a double knot.

My only quibble about the Wuti Wrap is that the logo/ middle marker is now wearing off the fabric. This could be because of the many times I have had to wash the wrap (Little Mister H went through a very sickly few months). But I wouldn’t expect it to wear off after only 6 months. And the middle marker is necessary for tying the wrap safely and securely.

A Pinterest friendly image of two photos of the Wuti Wrap by We Made Me and the title of the post "The Wuti Wrap by We Made Me: A review" - Babywearing love - a review of the Wuti Wrap by We Made Me

Overall, it is a dream to wear Little Mister H in the Wuti Wrap. And I really loved wearing him as a newborn. The Wuti Wrap is a perfect starter wrap and has been an absolute lifesaver at dinner and bedtime.

Have you worn your newborn baby in a stretchy wrap? Have you tried the Wuti Wrap?




P.S. I’ve also reviewed We Made Me’s Pao Papoose.


I’m proud to be working with We Made Me to promote the benefits of babywearing and we were sent the Wuti Wrap for the purpose of this review. As always all photos, words and opinions are my own and 100% honest.


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    November 20, 2017 at 7:06 am

    thank you moms for this information. well, i’m from Indonesia and still search the right baby wearing for my toddler.

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    Pat the Mum
    April 18, 2017 at 10:33 pm

    We did try a baby wrap (the Hug-a-Bub) but never got the hang of it with either of our babies. Ended up back with the buggies.

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