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It Turns Out Having Kids Doesn’t Need To Take Away Your Sense Of Style!

A photograph of a stylish mother holding her baby in her arms - It Turns Out Having Kids Doesn't Need To Take Away Your Sense of Style! - Mrs H's favourite things

This is a collaborative post.  No matter what kind of parent you are, there’s no denying that it’s always going to involve at least some degree of sacrifice. After all, it’s such a huge change in your life that assuming that you won’t have to give up anything is pretty darn naive. Of course, what you choose to give up and what you choose to hold onto is entirely up to you. However, a lot of mums seem to assume…

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Parenting Lessons From Bluebells

walking through the bluebell woods i learnt something about parenting and life. I learnt a valuable life lesson. Parenting lessons from bluebells - Mrs H's favourite things

How did you spend your May Day Bank Holiday? I spent it going through boxes and boxes of baby clothes. Tiny outfits that our little girl and boy wore when they were younger. The first sleepsuit that we dressed them in when they were born. The outfit they wore when we brought them home. The dungarees they were wearing when they met their grandparents. The party outfits that we bought for their Welcome to the World celebrations. Looking through these…

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