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Taking Care Of Your Health During The Colder Months

A photograph of a cup of hot water and lemon - Taking Care Of Your Health During The Colder Months - Mrs H's favourite things

Taking Care Of Your Health During The Colder Months is a collaborative post. Autumn and winter can be a tough time for your health. The colder weather can affect our immune systems, while the darker mornings and early evenings can also take their toll on our mental health. Taking extra steps to look after your health is important at this time of year, ensuring that you can enjoy the festive season and spend time with your family without being plagued…

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5 ways I’m Trying To Look After My Health

A photograph of a woman - 5 Ways that I'm Trying to Look After My Health - Mrs H's favourite things

This post could also have been called 5 ways I’m trying to become happier in my own skin. Because I’m not happy in my own skin at the moment. And when I look in the mirror and I don’t like the person I see staring back at me. I’m reminded of a line from one of my favourite songs: “It’s just that we stayed, too long In the same old sickly skin.”                …

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Mental Health

15 Ways To Look After Your Mental Health

I’ve been quite open recently that my mental health hasn’t been brilliant. It certainly isn’t terrible but I haven’t been myself. I’ve been feeling anxious and unmotivated. There have been days when I have felt tearful, unable to control my mood and I have just wanted to clamber back into bed and sleep. My Mental Health There are many small reasons why my depression has relapsed. The stress and sadness of the recurrent miscarriages and the anxiety I felt in my…

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