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Sharing My Laundry Gems With Persil Powergems

A photograph of a woman leaning against a laundry pile and looking fed up. In front of the laundry pile are three bottles of Persil ultimate Powergems. And using the power of Photoshop the woman is sitting in a field and her laundry pile is so tall it touches up to the ceiling - Sharing My Laundry Gems With Persil Ultimate Powergems - Mrs H's favourite things

This post was written in partnership with Persil Powergems. Laundry. It is, without doubt, my least favourite household chore. Gone are the days when Mr H and I could get all our clothes clean over the weekend. I now feel that our laundry pile reaches up to the sky and never gets any smaller. The stack of washing is never ending and I sometimes wonder if the bottom of the laundry basket truly exists. I can’t remember the last time…

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