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A Zoo Trip Bedroom That Will Make The Kids Roar

A photograph of a stuffed teddy bear sitting on a bed in a children's bedroom - A Zoo Trip Bedroom To Make The Kids Roar - Mrs H's favourite things

This is a collaborative post. A trip to the zoo is fun for all the family, as long as the monkeys keep their hands to themselves. Cheeky devils! Kids love watching the animals in a semi-natural habitat and it’s an amazing way to introduce them to Mother Nature. It doesn’t have to stop in the enclosure either because you can recreate the design at home. A zoo trip bedroom is a fantastic way to remember the time the lions roared…

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Finding Happiness

A long hot summer – The month of May

Today felt like summer again. But there are daffodil bulbs in the shops, conkers on the ground and my wedding anniversary and birthday are approaching. This means we are in the season of “mists and mellow fruitfulness”. It is definitely about time that I tell you about the amazing summer that we’ve just had – beginning with the wonderful month of May. (Okay, I know it is the last month of Spring but humour me!) A plethora of birthdays  Our…

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Mental Health Motherhood

What A Wonderful World

Follow my blog with BloglovinI was thinking recently about all the time I spent in my early twenties wishing the world would stop so I could get off. I hated this world and thought life was pretty miserable. I know I was very ill; my depression meant I could not see beyond my own sadness. I was not able to appreciate the love of my friends and family, my time at university or all the wonderful opportunities put in front…

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