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100 Happy Days – Part One

A bright and vibrant photograph of a plant with white flowers and the title "100happydays - part one" - Mrs H's favourite things

At the beginning of 2016, I decided to sign up for 100happydays. It was a challenge that I tried in 2015 and failed.

The idea is simple. For 100 days, share a daily photograph of a happy moment from that day.

I had a few misgivings about signing up this year. But I eventually decided that I wouldn’t be joining 100happydays to be smug or flaunt my happiness in people’s faces. I would be doing it for the same reasons that I write my Because I’m happy posts and that I started this blog in the first place.

On my low days, I struggle to remember the things I love and that bring a smile to my face. So it is important that I remind myself that sometimes a bunch of beautiful flowers in the house, wearing a new pair of shoes or going for a walk in the woods hand in hand with my daughter is true happiness.

That is why I joined in again. And why I am now over half way through the 100 days. I have only missed two days so far. One when I was ill and the other was the day before our 12 week scan when I was a nervous wreck.

100HappyDays – part one

My Captured Moment


I am now over half way through 100happydays and I thought I would share some of my favourite photographs from the challenge and their narrative from my Instagram feed.

Once again I am linking up with My Captured Moment, a beautiful linky run by my gorgeous friend Heledd who blogs at Running in Lavender. The idea is simply to share photographs that have captured a special moment in life.

100HappyDays –  Day four

A photograph of a ladies hand wearing iridescent blue nail varnish with pink, purple and teal glitter on the top and holding a half eaten winter muffin over a pretty flowery plate_100HappyDays-part one_Mrs H's favourite things

I’m feeling a little miserable today as I have a migraine and Mr H has gone back to work after a lovely long Christmas break. I am cheering myself up by admiring my sparkly nails and eating yummy, homemade winter muffins.

100HappyDays – day eight

A beautiful and pale toddler stares in front of her with stunning blue eyes and cherubic lips. Her brown hair is plaited and she is wearing a white top with red polka dots_100HappyDays - part one_Mrs H's favourite things

Sharing some quiet time with this beauty.

100HappyDays – day nine

A cup of hot chocolate on a Costa saucer with a long spoon and two marshmallows_sitting next to a copy of "The Life-changing magic of tidying" by Marie Kondo - 100HappyDays - part one _ Mrs H's favourite things

Hot chocolate and Marie Kondo! A few moments to myself in Costa before an opticians appointment.

 100HappyDays – day seventeen

A beautiful little girl with brown curly hair in bunches and looking down with the face of an angel - 100HappyDays - post one - Mrs H's favourite things

This one is a little poorly today with a cold. She seems to just want to sit on the sofa and watch Octonauts. But I’m very much enjoying cuddles under the duvet.

100HappyDays – Day 21

A photograph of some stunning yellow daffodils sitting in an Emma Bridgewater vase - 100HappyDays - part one - Mrs H's favourite things

It may be grey, wet and miserable outside but these stunning daffodils are bringing some sunshine into my living room.

100HappyDays – Day 32


The stunning view from our living room at sunset. We are so blessed to see the woods from our house.

100HappyDays – Day 39


I’m busy putting together outfits from Little Miss H’s old clothes for the wonderful From a Mother to Another charity run by JoJo Maman Bebe. I loved seeing Little Miss H in these clothes and I am thrilled that a child from a vulnerable family from the UK or a Syrian refugee living in Lebanon will also get use from these clothes. Plus I also get to support this fabulous campaign which runs until 5th March 2016.

100HappyDays – Day 44


I have had such a lovely day today – seeing my fab BFF, having lunch at the Menier Chocolate Factory and then watching the amazing Sheridan Smith in Funny Girl.

100HappyDays – Day 49


Yesterday we went for a walk in the woods again. It was a few days after Little Miss H was attacked by a dog. And although she was a little wary of them. She was also really brave and we had a lovely time. I am so proud of my courageous daughter.

Are you taking part in 100HappyDays? Have you taken part before or would you consider it in the future?

A bright and vibrant photograph of a plant with white flowers and the title "100happydays - part one" - Mrs H's favourite things

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  • Reply
    Mrs H
    March 6, 2016 at 10:25 pm

    Thanks lovely. Your comment is so kind. I was shocked that a dog attacked her too. It was terrifying and the owner was blocking my way and I couldn’t really get to her. She was so upset afterwards. But she is such a brave little girl to go back in the woods. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  • Reply
    Katie LifeonVistaStreet Haydock
    March 5, 2016 at 8:02 pm

    I think this has been really good for you – to remember all the things that make you smile. And It looks as if you love a mummy cuddle as much as I do 😉 and cake…
    And I’m sorry! Attacked by a dog?? How did I miss this?? xXx

    • Reply
      Mrs H
      March 6, 2016 at 10:24 pm

      Ha ha! Thanks lovely. Mummy cuddles and cake are two of the best things in life. And yes, poor Little Miss H was attacked by a dog on a walk in the woods down our road. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt. But the dog did knock her over twice and she was very upset afterwards. Also quite sadly, she is now scared of dogs. But she wasn’t before. We are working on trying to get her relaxed around them again. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  • Reply
    Heledd - Running in Lavender
    February 29, 2016 at 9:04 pm

    This is such a lovely idea!! I must admit daffodils, chocolate and my daughters would be on my happy list too. These pictures are all bright and beautiful Lucy. Also, your girl looks so much like you!! Thank you so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xx

  • Reply
    Crummy Mummy
    February 29, 2016 at 11:49 am

    I haven’t heard of this before but what a good idea! And great pictures! #sundaystars

  • Reply
    Kirsty Hijacked By Twins
    February 28, 2016 at 10:02 pm

    What lovely pictures. I have seen so many daffodil pictures this week. Hope you have a good week x #MyCapturedMoment

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