Little Mister H at six months old

A photograph of a six month old baby boy lying underneath a rainbow blanket and smiling up at the camera Little Mister H six months update _ Mrs H's favourite things

The past six months have been the quickest six months of my life.

After a pregnancy that dragged and often seemed as long as the gestation period of an elephant, the last few months have flown by. Our baby boy is no longer a new born. And in the past month he has become a real little boy.

Little Mister H at six months old

Two portrait photographs side by side of a six month old baby boy wrapped up in a Cuddle Deer towel by CuddleDry - Little Mister H six months update _ Mrs H's favourite things

Happy half birthday to our little dude. We are so lucky to have such an awesome son.

He is the most chilled child. Only letting out a cry when hungry. He smiles and giggles all the time. And he is a massive flirt. Everywhere we go people fawn over him because he looks at them sweetly.

The past month or so

A sepia tinted photograph of a six month old baby boy lying asleep with sunlight shining on his face- Little Mister H six months update _ Mrs H's favourite things

Before Christmas Little Mister H was ill. He had a stomach bug and a cold which turned into croup. The coughing fits from the croup were horrible and he often ended up gasping for breath or throwing up his last feed.

One night he was struggling to breathe. I called 111 and they sent an ambulance. The paramedics were worried that Little Mister was still being sick and that his breathing wasn’t stable. We were taken into hospital.

I spent the whole night in a cold metal chair in the A&E Waiting Room; with Little Mister H slumbering restlessly in my arms. He was given steroids through a nebulizer to clear his chest. He was also dehydrated and was given some dioralyte. After a while he perked up and we were allowed to go home.

The steroids seemed to do the trick. And after a few days Little Mister H seemed much better. Just in time for Christmas and our first as a family of four.

We spent a lovely Christmas at home. It was perfect. Relaxed and fun. Little Mister H seemed unfazed by the festive period and took it in his stride.


Little Mister H barely ate anything while he was ill. He completely went off his food. And on the odd occasions that he did have milk it often came back up again. As a result he lost lots of weight. Bless him.

Then over Christmas he got better and got his appetite back. He was making up for lost time and we couldn’t feed him fast enough. He started waking in the night crying for food.

We started to give him more formula. Roughly 8 fl oz every hour or so. We also started to introduce some baby rice.

Little Mister H now has some baby rice mixed with fruit puree for lunch and then some vegetable puree followed by more baby rice for dinner. The baby rice is proofing very popular but he has turned his nose up at some of the puree. This week I gave him a cheese straw, which he managed to gum to death.

He seems to have put the weight back on. And his development, which stalled while he was ill, has started up again.


Little Mister H wasn’t sleeping brilliantly when he was ill. It took him a long time to settle and he often ended up in bed with us. He wasn’t feeling well and naturally wanted cuddles with mummy and daddy. And we were happy to oblige.

He then went through a week of waking up during the night and wanting a feed.

But he now seems to have settled again and is once more sleeping through the night. Most evenings he falls asleep at 21.00. But there have been a few occasions when he has fallen asleep shortly after 19.00 and then slept until the following morning.

Over the next few weeks I want to start putting him in the cot in his nursery for naps. We are going to move him to sleep in his room (sob sob – I am going to miss him) as he has almost grown out of the Bednest. We thought that putting him in his room for naps would be a good way of introducing him to his nursery.

Two portrait photographs of a six month old baby boy - one photograph has him looking at the camera and smiling and in the other photograph he is sleeping - Little Mister H six months update _ Mrs H's favourite things



Little Mister H was weighed when he was ill before Christmas. And there are no worries with his weight.

He is still wearing some 3-6 month clothes in some brands but he mostly wears size 6-9 months. Once again I have had to pack away lots of gorgeous baby clothes. I am saving them for the From a Mother to Another campaign run by Jojo Maman Bebé.

Little Mister H’s hair is getting longer and thicker. It is at that soft and fuzzy adorable stage. At the moment it is a sandy blonde colour. But I think it will get darker. His eyebrows and eyelashes are darker now than when he was first-born.


Little Mister H’s development stalled while he was ill. He needed all his energy to get better. But now that he is fully recovered he is ready to become more mobile. This is what he has been up to over the past month or so:

1. squawking

This is the best way to describe some of the noises that Little Mister H loves to make. He also loves to say “blah” and “ah” and I am pretty sure that today I heard a “ma” and a “wah”. He is constantly blowing bubbles and raspberries which is an occupation that he thinks is highly amusing.

2. Hello feet

Little Mister H has found his feet. He loves holding on to them as he rolls over. He can often be found staring at them. And he loves to waggle them and thump them on the floor.

3. Hello toys

In the past month, Little Mister H has discovered toys. His particular favourite is the Lamaze Captain Calamari the Octopus Pirate.

4. Sitting

Little Mister H is able to sit unsupported for a little while but not for long. He is getting there though. He isn’t a massive fan of sitting down. He is much happier for us to help him stand up.

5. Tummy time

Tummy time now means a very mobile little boy. He will roll both ways quite happily. In the past week he has been desperately trying to get on all fours. And a few times he has managed to wiggle his way forward like a caterpillar. I am predicting that he will start crawling in the next month or so. Which means we probably need to think about baby proofing the house.

A photograph of a six month old baby boy lying underneath a rainbow blanket and smiling up at the camera Little Mister H six months update _ Mrs H's favourite things

Please pop back in a few weeks when I will be sharing Little Mister H’s seven month update.




PS. I am sorry – I am a terrible blogger. There are still some posts that I want to write about my pregnancy and Little Mister’s birth. I hope you will forgive me if I publish these over the next few months. Better late than never. x


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    February 12, 2017 at 11:11 pm

    Been catching up on your monthly updates and they are lovely! You are not a terrible blogger! I wish I’d written more about our second baby’s first year but as you say it flew by, mainly because we had a two year old whirlwind in the house too! Mister H looks smashing. X

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    Emily Dunnigan
    January 24, 2017 at 10:02 pm

    Seriously one of my favorite times to have a baby! Enjoy-he’s a charmer!

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