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Our Weekend Happy #1 – a trip to London, Hamilton and comfort food

A photograph of a stain glassed window from the newly refurbished Royal Victoria Palace Theatre which is currently showing Hamilton: The American Musical - Our Weekend Happy #1: A trip to London, Hamilton and comfort food - Mrs H's favourite things

One of my favourite bloggers, Lisa from Mummascribbles writes a weekly post called Our Weekend Happy. I have always loved these posts. They are super lovely to read. But I imagine they are a wonderful record for Lisa too. A way to preserve her precious weekends with her family.

I realised a while back that I don’t actually share the mundane moments of my life on my blog. The small moments that make life worthwhile. The times that bring happiness and joy. So I decided that I wanted to write a similar post.

Lisa and I were both at a Mumsnet Influencers event in early November. During that day we spent a lot of time chatting and I told her that I loved her Our Weekend Happy posts. We chatted for quite a while and decided that it would be a fabulous idea to create a linky and an Instagram hashtag community around Our Weekend Happy. And that is just what we’re doing. We’re planning on launching it on Wednesday 31st January. So watch this space.

Our weekend Happy – #1

Last weekend was very boring. I’ve been ill with laryngitis which has now turned into a chest infection. So I spent the majority of the weekend lying on the sofa snoozing and reading while Mr H looked after the kids. As that would make a really boring post, I thought I would share our weekend happy from two weeks ago. So this is Our Weekend Happy from Saturday 6th January and Sunday 7th January 2018.

Saturday 6th January 2018

A trip to London

Saturday was a day that I’d been looking forward to for a very long time. It had been in the diary for over a year. As my hugely organised best friend had managed to get us some very coveted tickets to see Hamilton at the newly refurbished Royal Victoria Palace Theatre. And if you have no idea what Hamilton is then you should read this brilliant article from The Telegraph; The Ignorant Brit’s Guide to Hamilton: The Musical.

After a short lie in, I got ready and headed to the train station. Mr H was in charge of the kids for the whole day. And he had plans to take them to Toys R Us and to the park.

I, on the other hand, was about to have the type of day that makes me truly happy. Travelling to London to see a musical with my best friend, A.

A. and I have known each other since my failed attempt to get a Master’s degree. She is the person who has seen me at my lowest. And she loves me anyway.

We don’t get to see each other as much as we would like as she lives up North. So we try to arrange to meet up in London a few times a year. And when I see her, I feel like I only saw her the day before.


I met A. and her Dad at Hai Cenato in the Nova Centre near the theatre to have a bite to eat before the show. I ordered the Breakfast Pizza, which was yummy and very filling. It defeated me!

A photograph of a breakfast pizza from the restaurant Hai Cenato which is in the Nova Centre near Royal Victoria Palace Theatre which is currently showing Hamilton: The American Musical - Our Weekend Happy #1 - Mrs H's favourite things

However, I still had room for pudding. I had a warmed brioche bun with salted caramel ice cream. It was nice but not fabulous. A. had ordered the chocolate fondant to share with her Dad. And I had massive food envy.

As always, we chatted non stop about life, the universe and everything in it. Then once lunch was finished and I had talked myself hoarse we headed to the theatre to see Hamilton.


A photograph of a programme from Hamilton the Musical being held up - Our Weekend Happy #1 - A trip to London, Hamilton and Comfort Food - Mrs H's favourite things

Hamilton has become a bit of a musical phenomenon. Which is not something that you would expect considering it is a musical about American Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton. It was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda who wrote the amazing In the Heights which A. and I saw in the West End when I was pregnant with Little Mister H.

Hamilton opened at the Royal Victoria Palace Theatre in December last year. Having transferred from Broadway where it had gained rave reviews and had won 11 Tony Awards after being nominated for a record-breaking 16 awards.

I really didn’t know what to expect when we entered the theatre but the atmosphere was electric. I have never been to a musical where the audience was so buzzed. The clapping and cheering started the moment the lights dimmed.

And oh my gosh, it was the most amazing musical I’ve ever seen. It was completely electric. It is fast paced (it really does not let up for a moment) and it is an emotional rollercoaster. And the music is fantastic. It includes hip-hop, rap and big musical numbers. I can’t rave about it enough. And I’m so glad that A. managed to get tickets. (I plan to write a full review soon)

Heading home

After Hamilton had ended, A. and I said our goodbyes and vowed to see each other in March (we are going to have afternoon tea at the Marlborough Hotel). And we both went to get our trains home. I arrived home just after Mr H had put the children to bed.

Saturdays are now my day off. I don’t do any blogging on a Saturday. So Mr H and I settled down to a night of watching a movie and playing games on the computer. Accompanied by chocolate and wine. It was a lovely way to end a fabulous day.

Sunday 7th January 2018

Pancakes, PJs and parties

Sunday started off very leisurely. Mr H went out for a run and the kids and I headed downstairs and cuddled on the sofa watching CBeebies. When Mr H got back from his run he made us all yummy apple pancakes for breakfast. We then just chilled in our PJs until we had to get ready for Little Miss H to go to a birthday party.

A photograph of a lovely little girl at a soft play birthday party - she looks very happy and content - Our Weekend Happy #1 - A trip to London, Hamilton and comfort food - Mrs H's favourite things

The party was held at a local sports centre and there were soft play equipment and a bouncy castle out to entertain the children. Both Little Miss H and Little Mister H had a wonderful time.

Little Miss H loved playing with all her school friends. At one point they repositioned all of the soft play equipment so that it formed an obstacle course. They then took turns to go round the course and helped each other to complete it. It was so lovely to watch.

And Little Mister H loves throwing himself into anything his sister does. He wasn’t so keen on the soft play. But he was a huge fan of the bouncy castle. I actually thought we would never get him off it.

Comfort food

Once we got home I started to make a meal from the gorgeous recipe book Comfort by Candice Brown. It was a cold day and some comfort food was needed. So I decided to make her Chunky Shepherd’s Pie. It is the perfect meal to make on a Sunday afternoon when you have plenty of time to mill around the kitchen.

A photograph of the meat and the vegetables in the Chunky Shepherd's Pie from Candice Brown's recipe book Comfort - the perfect comfort food that makes you happy - Our Weekend Happy #1 - A trip to London, Hamilton and comfort food - Mrs H's favourite things

And it’s amazing. So completely yummy. Ideal comfort food for a cold and wintry Sunday night. We made enough for four people, but Mr H and I almost managed to polish it off ourselves.

A photograph of the Chunky Shepherd's Pie from Candice Brown's recipe book Comfort - the perfect comfort food that makes you happy - Our Weekend Happy #1 - A trip to London, Hamilton and comfort food - Mrs H's favourite things

We then settled down to watch a few episodes of Orphan Black (our latest Netflix obsession) before heading off for a reasonably early night.

So that was my first Our Weekend Happy post. I hope you enjoyed it. It is a bit more diary-like than the posts that I normally do. But I really enjoyed writing it and I can’t wait to write next week’s post. Also please remember that the linky and Instagram community will launch on Wednesday 31st January. We’d love to see you there.

In the meantime, enjoy this amazing video of Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton, perform at the White House Poetry Jam in 2009. The song he is performing in this clip was later re-worked to become the opening song of Hamilton.




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