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Sharing My Laundry Gems With Persil Powergems

A photograph of a woman leaning against a laundry pile and looking fed up. In front of the laundry pile are three bottles of Persil ultimate Powergems. And using the power of Photoshop the woman is sitting in a field and her laundry pile is so tall it touches up to the ceiling - Sharing My Laundry Gems With Persil Ultimate Powergems - Mrs H's favourite things

This post was written in partnership with Persil Powergems. Laundry. It is, without doubt, my least favourite household chore. Gone are the days when Mr H and I could get all our clothes clean over the weekend. I now feel that our laundry pile reaches up to the sky and never gets any smaller. The stack of washing is never ending and I sometimes wonder if the bottom of the laundry basket truly exists. I can’t remember the last time…

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Showing our laundry some love with Ecover and the #EcoverLaundry Challenge

A photograph of some clean laundry in a white laundry basket with a bottle of Ecover Non-Bio Concentrated Laundry Liquid on top - Showing Our Laundry Some Love with Ecover and the #EcoverLaundry Challenge - Mrs H's favourite things

My approach to doing the laundry is very similar to my approach to tidying the house. Ignore, ignore, ignore! It is only when the dirty clothes have almost taken over the house that I will remember that we own a washing machine. However, the real call to action will be when we don’t have any clean¬†school uniforms, sleepsuits or underwear. And the only thing I have to wear is a work dress that hasn’t fit for five years. This inevitably…

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