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Have a Troll-tastic Christmas with Trolls Holiday

A photograph of a little girl standing in front of a Christmas tree. She is wearing a Trolls t-shirt from George in ASDA. She is also holding a copy of Trolls Holiday - Having a Troll-tastic Christmas with Trolls Holiday - Mrs H's favourite things

The first time Little Miss H saw the Trolls film, she didn’t seem that taken by it. Which was a shame because all of her friends seemed really into it. But after a second viewing at a friend’s house, she became completely infatuated. After that, we had 6 solid months of listening to the Trolls soundtrack non-stop and watching the Trolls movie at least 3 times a week. Princess Poppy was even the guest of honour at Little Miss H’s…

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Finding Happiness Mental Health

16 Fabulous Feel Good Movies

A photograph of a box of popcorn with spilled popcorn, some unravelled movie film, a cinema ticket stub and some white flowers - Fabulous feel good movies - Mrs H's favourite things

I may have mentioned that I’m obsessed with La La Land. It’s a lovely film and has become one of my favourite feel good movies. And I’m all about the feel good movies at the moment. Watching a happy movie is the perfect remedy for when I’m feeling down. They lift me up. They help me forget my anxieties and worries and they put a smile on my face. I am a sucker for a romantic comedy. And in my 20s, I would…

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