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7 Essential Products To Make Travelling With Children Stress-free

Travelling with children.

The mere mention of those three words will fill even the bravest of parents with fear.

We went on our first staycation with Little Miss H when she was four months old. We filled the car with the entire contents of our house and drove the four hours to Dorset.

Yes, it was quite hellish.

We got stuck in a traffic jam on the A303. Little Miss H began screaming from hunger and I had to nip into the back of the car to feed her.

Then Little Miss H slept terribly in the cottage we had rented. There weren’t any black out curtains and the travel cot provided was extremely uncomfortable.

But we’ve learnt a thing or two since that first trip to Dorset. And dare I say it … I actually really enjoy travelling with our children now. I LOVE all the fabulous holidays we have as a family of four.

During that first staycation we learnt that there were some essential items that we needed to pack to survive travelling with our children. And over the years we’ve found some additional products that make our car journeys and holidays in the UK stress-free.

I wanted to share these products with you, dear readers, so that you too can discover that travelling with children can be stress-free.

7 Essential Products to make travelling with children stress-free

1. SpaceCot Travel Cot in Midnight Grey exclusive to John Lewis* – £139.99

A photograph of a 14 month old playing in his SpaceCot travel cot a fantastic product needed to make Travelling With Children a less stressful business - 7 Essential Products To Make Travelling With Children Stress-free - Mrs H's favourite things

There have been many times when we’ve arrived at rented accommodation or a hotel and the travel cot provided has been inappropriate and a nightmare to put up. And it’s a guarantee that you’ll arrive and need to put your little one straight to sleep. So faffing around trying to work out how to secure the sides of a travel cot is not what you need.

The company A Little Bit Brilliant have created the SpaceCot using space technology. And it is a little bit brilliant.

It’s the lightest travel cot on the market and it is also the easiest to use. It unfolds in 1 second and can be folded in three seconds. Plus it has an ingenious insert that transforms the SpaceCot into a crib that can be used until your baby is able to sit up on their own.

If you don’t believe me then take a peek at this demonstration video I produced:

2. Gro Anywhere Blind from The Gro Company£34.99

It’s always annoying when you’re staying in a cottage or hotel with thin curtains. The light streams in and stops little ones sleeping. But in these circumstances, we’ve used the Gro Anywhere Blind from The Gro Company and it’s helped us all get a good night’s sleep.

The fantastic blackout blind is portable and can be put up in seconds. It can be attached directly to the window with sucker cups.  And the blind can be used to fit different sized windows thanks to the easy to use velcro patches.

3. Extra Cool Travel Grobag Including Carry Bag in Beside the Sea from The Gro Company – £23.50

Both of our children have slept in Grobags since they were small. And we always pack a few baby sleeping bags whenever we go away.

The Grobag is designed to regulate your baby’s temperature during the night and it can’t be kicked off like blankets.

The travel versions have all the benefits of a normal Grobag. But they also feature a two-way front zip and a back vent so that they can be worn with a 5 point harness for a car seat or a pushchair.

4. SnoozeShade Plus from SnoozeShade* – £29.99

We use our SnoozeShade Plus throughout the year. It keeps Little Mister H safe from the sun and blocks out 80% of UV rays. Also, the blackout feature of the SnoozeShade will encourage any nap fighters to sleep.

I’ve often put the SnoozeShade on our pushchair to protect Little Mister H from light rain, the wind and low winter sun.

A photograph of a baby boy wrapped up in his winter warm clothes and sleeping in his pushchair with the amazing SnoozeShade protecting him from the winter sunshine - 7 Essential Products To Make Travelling with Children Stress-free - Mrs H's favourite thingsWarm and snug and protected from the winter sun thanks to the SnoozeShade.

The SnoozeShade is also designed to fit every pushchair and pram on the market. And we’ve happily used ours with both the Mamas & Papas Armadillo buggy and our Quinny Zapp Flex Plus.

5. Flip-Top Snack Cup in Aqua from Oxotot* – £5.50

The constant provision of snacks is necessary if you want to survive travelling with children. Especially for any long journeys.

“Mummy, I’m hungry”.

We frequently hear these three words when we’re out and about with our kids. So I pack a plentiful supply of snacks.

But giving your child food in the car can often lead to a huge explosion of crumbs. So I put grapes, raisins, carrot sticks, blueberries and other snacks in these little pots from Oxotot. Little Miss H can easily open and close them.  Which means there is little mess.

6. Miracle 360° Trainer Cup from Munchkin – £5.50

It’s also hugely important to keep your children supplied with water when on long car journeys. But you don’t want to use water bottles that leak everywhere. This is why the Miracle 360° Trainer Cup from Munchkin is genius. It seals the moment your child stops drinking meaning that there are no spills.

7. Tipu the Tiger Trunki from Trunki – £39.99

Little Miss H loves her Tipu the Tiger Trunki. It is the perfect size to put all her clothes in for a trip away. And she can easily pull it along herself so it’s just the ideal suitcase to use when travelling with children.

And your kids will adore all the cute designs. I currently have my eye on Frank the Fire Truck for Little Mister H.

Little Miss is now at the age where she loves to pack her Trunki herself. However, her packing list is not always the most practical. Last time she packed her swimming costume, some books, all her My Little Ponies, an umbrella and one pair of socks. I may have had to repack once she was in bed.

10 other essential items to pack

1. Your child’s favourite toys

2. Sunscreen, sun hats and sunglasses

3. You’ll also need to pack, wet weather gear. It is Britain after all!

4. A bucket and spade for beach days

5. Colouring books and pens to keep them occupied when you stop for lunch

6. Your child’s favourite foods

7. Many packets of baby wipes as these can be used for anything and everything

8. A first aid kit

9. Swimming costumes and plenty of spare towels

10. A lightweight pushchair and a baby carrier or wrap

A photograph of a baby boy wrapped up in his winter warm clothes and sleeping in his pushchair with the amazing SnoozeShade protecting him from the winter sunshine featuring the text of the title "7 Essential Products to Make Travelling with Children Stress-free" - 7 Essential Products To Make Travelling with Children Stress-free - Mrs H's favourite things

Don’t forget to pin this post for future reference.

So there you have it! These are the products that I will always pack to ensure that travelling with our children is a stress-free time. And if all else fails then we open all the car windows and play the Trolls soundtrack loudly.

Do you have any essential products that you always pack when you’re going away with your children?





We were sent the products marked with a * for the purpose of this post. However, as always, all words, opinions and photographs are my own.

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    Helen aka Welshmumwriting
    November 11, 2017 at 8:31 pm

    That is a brilliant list. We love the munchkin cup! Wish I’d known about that particular travel cot. We have one which is quite heavy and our little one had really outgrown it by 15 months. We never took it anywhere and just had it as an emergency in our room and for naps. We are in an in between stage now where at just too Small Boy is too big for a travel cot but not ready for a big single yet, so we are avoiding going anywhere. We do have two inflatable toddler beds but he thinks they are jolly good for bouncing on and refuses to sleep. Arrrrgh

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