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8 Reasons I love working with a nutritionist

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At the beginning of this year, I decided that I needed to become healthier. I’m going to turn forty this year. And I’m using that as motivation to work towards becoming a happier and healthier version of myself. A lovely lady called Lamorna is helping me on this journey. Lamorna is a nutritionist and works at Lamorna Nutrition and Fitness. I’m signed up to Lamorna’s Gold Package, this is a 12-week programme that will help me meet my health goals.

8 Reasons I love working with a nutritionist

I’ve completed three full weeks of the Nutrition for Life Gold Programme with Lamorna and I feel so much healthier already. Of course, there have been days when I’ve really wanted to eat a chocolate bar (or five). On those days I’ve needed to remind myself why I decided to work with a nutritionist. I’ve needed to focus on why I want to change my diet, gain a better relationship with food and become more active. Yes, there may be days when I’ve struggled but overall working with a nutritionist for even a few weeks has been a positive experience. These are the many reasons why I love working with Lamorna.

1. This isn’t a faddy diet

I haven’t started eating cabbage soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner and my kitchen cupboards don’t now consist of only quinoa and kale. I haven’t had to give up sugar or carbohydrates or food that begins with the letter t. And this is great because I’ve tried faddy diets in the past and they just don’t work for me. I tend to give up easily and then any weight that I may have lost piles straight back on.

2. It’s about education

One of the main aims of Lamorna’s programme is education. So I’m learning how to become healthier and happier for life and not just for this twelve-week programme. I also feel more educated about the food that I’m eating and the impact it’s having on my body.

3. I’ve not felt hungry

I’ve not felt hungry during the few weeks since starting the gold programme. With diets I’ve done in the past there have been times where I’ve been starving. Desperately craving a chocolate bar. But while working with Lamorna I’ve not had to deny myself anything. If I’ve felt like eating a snack then I’ve had one. If I’ve been hungry then I’ve eaten. I don’t feel deprived or anything and I’m not starving myself.

4. I’ve not felt overly full

In the past, I’ve had a habit of overeating. I often consume more food than I actually need just because it is on my plate or is especially yummy. This has often left me feeling ill, bloated or just plain uncomfortable. But since starting with Lamorna, I’m more aware of the food I’m eating. I’m not mindlessly eating while doing other jobs. This enables me to notice when I’ve had enough food and I stop eating just before I become full. It is brilliant to be able to enjoy a meal and not feel ill afterwards due to overeating.

5. No food is a sin

Lamorna does not use any faddy language. No food is a sin or syn. And I’m so pleased about that. Using that type of language can lead to a negative relationship with food. It also encourages those feelings of guilt when you eventually succumb and eat the sinful food. Instead, Lamorna encourages a balanced diet where nothing is denied and no food is a sin.

6. It’s not just about diet

This programme is not just about diet. It is about becoming healthier and happier as a person. Alongside the nutritional work, I’m also increasing my activity levels (although I haven’t started a proper exercise programme yet). Sleep is hugely important too and I’m trying to make sure that I go to bed earlier and get better quality sleep. I’ve also started taking supplements again and drinking more water. And I’ve cut down on the amount of alcohol and tea that I normally drink.

7. I’m not expected to be perfect

I’m a perfectionist. I strive to be perfect in everything I do. But I’m only human and I fail. And normally when I fail, I give up. I was worried that when I started working with a nutritionist I was going to have to make radical changes to my diet. And if I succumbed to my weakness for sugar then I would be failing. Thankfully this is not true at all. I’m not expected to be perfect just better.

8. I’m getting results

When I started this journey it wasn’t just to lose weight. It was mainly to become healthier. And I’ve begun to see this happening already. My clothes feel looser, I look like I’ve lost weight and, although I’m still struggling with a virus, I have more energy and I’m less stressed.

But I’ve noticed the biggest change this week. Since giving birth to Little Mister H, I’ve suffered badly with my hormones. My depression is terrible both when I’m ovulating and during my period. I also suffer from migraines, IBS, abdominal cramps and heavy periods and it is all related to my hormones. This week I had my period and I really noticed some changes. I did struggle with my mood but not the depression that normally comes when I’m menstruating. I haven’t had abdominal cramps and the IBS and migraine only lasted a day (whereas normally they would last for three or more days). This is huge and I hope that these changes will continue next month too.

At the moment, I'm on a health kick. I'm trying to become healthier and I've been working with a nutritionist called Lamorna to help me do this. These are just some of the many reasons why I love working with a nutritionist. A pinnable image with the title "Why I love working with a nutritionist" with a photograph of a healthy lady on holiday in a beautiful location in Rhodes - Why I Love Working With A Nutritionist - Mrs H's favourite things

So there you have it, these are just some of the reasons why I love working with a nutritionist. My next update will talk about some of the simple changes that I’ve made that have already made a huge difference.





I’m working with Lamorna from Lamorna Nutrition and Fitness for 12 weeks. I’m getting this programme for free in return for regular features on my blog. However, as always all words and opinions are 100% my own. And I honestly love working with Lamorna and I already feel so much better just from being on the programme for a few weeks.

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