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Get Your Garden Summer Ready With These Nifty Ideas

A photograph of some vegetables in a vegetable patch - Get Your Garden Summer Ready With These Nifty Ideas - Mrs H's favourite things

This is a collaborative post. This year we’ve been blessed with a gloriously hot summer, and you’re probably beginning to think about doing your garden up (if you haven’t started already) so that you and your family can enjoy this lovely weather in your own little space. Sometimes though, it can be difficult to come up with ideas on what to do in your garden especially if you don’t like DIY. However, having a beautiful garden doesn’t mean you have…

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Living The Dream: Having A Swimming Pool In Your Back Garden

A photograph of a girl swimming in a bright blue swimming pool - Living The Dream: Having A Swimming Pool In Your Back Garden - Mrs H's favourite things

  This is a collaborative post.   With summer now pretty much upon us, and the recent spell of extraordinarily hot weather, you might be dreaming about building your own outdoor swimming pool in your garden as a way to exercise, relax, and generally feel good.   Indeed, there is something about swimming that lifts one’s soul and spirit.  It’s not just good for you in a physiological sense but in a mental and emotional well-being sense too.  It’s also…

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Summer Gardens Are Made In Spring: Prep Work To Undertake Now

This is a collaborative post. The beast from the East has been and gone. And finally, it seems as though spring is upon us. If you love to spend as much time in the garden as possible, there’s nothing more comforting and exciting than a glimpse of sunny skies and daffodil blooms. Summer will be here before we know it. So now is the time to carry out some prep work to make sure your garden is ready for summer.…

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Finding Happiness Motherhood

5 Reasons I’m looking forward to Summer

A photograph of a little girl on a summer day running through a field of wild flowers - Five Reasons I'm Looking Forward to Summer - Mrs H's favourite things

In collaboration with Garden & Camping. On Sunday, we headed to the seaside to have a day on the beach. We spent the whole day as a family breathing in the sea air and strolling leisurely. It was a wonderful day. The sun shone and the sky was blue. And for a moment, I almost forgot that it is still winter. Ever since that day, I’ve been dreaming of the days when the weather is better. Spring is always my…

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Gardening Myself Happy With BloomBox Club

A photograph of a woman gardening - she is kneeling by a flower bed and planting one of the plants from the Spring Outdoor box from BloomBox Club Subscription service - Gardening myself happy with BloomBox Club - Mrs H's favourite things

As a child, I used to help my parents out in the garden. And I’d always enjoyed gardening. But, until just after Little Miss H’s second birthday, I’d never had a garden of my own. After I met Mr H we lived in a flat in London and we later bought a two-bedroom apartment in Medway. It was only when we moved into our current house that we finally had some outdoor space. On the day we moved in, I…

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