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The Sound Of Music

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I am addicted to a number of fabulous blogs. One of those blogs is by my wonderful friend Mrs Gold. Mrs Gold has been encouraging me to write a blog for a while. After a lot of  procrastinating I have decided to take the plunge. Gulp!

“Starting a blog will be easy”, I thought. I was very, very wrong. Setting up a blog is easy but deciding the theme and the name of the blog has given me many sleepless nights. Tragic… I know… but one thing you will come to learn is that I do love a good tragedy!

Eventually, I settled on a theme. It might seem quite self-indulgent but I decided to blog about the things in my life that put a smile on my face and make me happy. As my blog name is based on a song from the wonderful musical “The Sound of Music” it seemed only fitting that my first post should be about my love of this film.

Anyone who knows me, will know that I love a good musical. I really don’t know what it is that holds me so spell-bound but I am obsessed. My obsession started as a child and has grown since I moved near London and started going to the West End. I always feel elated and excited about life after watching a good musical. The singing and dancing draw me in and I can’t help but smile!

When I was little there were two musicals that I would watch on a loop. One was “Mary Poppins” and the other was “The Sound of Music”. I longed to look like Julie Andrews and hoped that any future husband would be the embodiment of  Dick Van Dyke or Christopher Plummer. Mr H is a singer but alas I can’t imagine that he will ever dance and sing with a group of cute cartoon penguins or sing a duet with me whilst our family attempt to escape from some nasty Nazis.

I was convinced I was going to marry one of these silver foxes!
“The Sound of Music” was a particular favourite. Everything about it appeals to me. It features singing nuns … I mean…singing nuns. How fabulous is that! But it gets better. There are also some naughty children (who are actually sweet and good natured but are lacking a mother’s love. Ahhh!); a cold hearted captain who’s heart is thawed by the stunning Julie Andrews; an exciting escape from Nazis; brilliant songs and the scene where Rolfe and Liesl sing “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” is one of the most beautifully staged scenes in a musical. This scene is even more fantastic once you learn that during rehearsals Charmain Carr, who played Liesl, slipped and slid through a window of the gazebo badly injuring herself. The actual take that is included in the film was recorded after this accident – she was barely able to walk and was in absolute agony.

But the main reason I love this film is because of a memory that it evokes every time I watch it. When I was 13, Big Brother G went for a year out to Australia and we were lucky enough to go and visit him for a month. During our trip we stayed in Cairns and one day Big Brother G and I decided to eschew sight-seeing and instead we settled down in the hotel and watched “The Sound of Music”. It just seemed the right thing to do at the time!


Mrs H


PS Do you have a favourite film or musical that means as much to you? If so, I would love to hear about it in the comments! 

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