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Get Back Up Again – Recommitting To A Healthier Lifestyle

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At the beginning of January, I started working with a fabulous nutritionist called Lamorna. I signed up for her 12-week Nutrition for Life programme. I’m going to be 40 in September (I may have mentioned this a few times). And this year, I wanted to focus on becoming the healthiest version of myself that I can be. But I didn’t want to try a fad diet and I didn’t want to starve myself. Instead, I wanted to learn about how I could create a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family.  That is why I chose to work with Lamorna.

Lamorna is lovely. She is hugely knowledgeable and talking to her is just like chatting with your best friend. Although Nutrition for Life is a set programme, the regular calls and chats mean that it’s personally tailored to meet your needs. For example, in our first few conversations, we discussed the fact that I would eat two breakfasts. One with the kids at 06:00 and then another one after the school run. Chatting to Lamorna made me realise that I just ate at 06:00 because the children were having their breakfast. I wasn’t actually hungry. So we decided that I would try having breakfast after the school run. And it made such a difference to my day and my diet.

Get Back Up Again

A Bump In The Road

At first, I did really well. I did the homework that Lamorna set me and I was a model pupil. I read everything she gave us and my knowledge about nutrition and leading a healthy life was improving. And I felt healthier. My stress levels were reduced and I was sleeping better. I was happier and more confident and I’d even lost some weight.

Then I hit a bump in the road. I don’t really know what happened but suddenly I started becoming more depressed and anxious. This meant that I fell back into old habits. I would have two breakfasts. I’d eat cake and chocolate to make myself feel better. I started to go to bed at ludicrous hours (made worse by the fact that the boy seems to have been going through a sleep regression).

And as is typical when my depression isn’t great, I became a hermit.The information Lamorna sent was ignored and I didn’t visit the Facebook group. I ignored the What’s App notifications and I didn’t book in for my catch up calls. Lamorna, bless her, tried to reach out to me and I didn’t respond.

I felt like a failure. I’d been doing well and I loved the results. But then I’d stumbled at the first hurdle and given up. I knew that this was a possibility which is why I wrote myself a letter listing all the reasons why I want to be healthier. However, even though I knew that I might fall off the wagon, I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so dramatic and to last for 6 weeks.

Being Honest

I’m proud that I’m honest on this blog. I will never write anything that isn’t 100% true. That includes all my reviews as well as my posts about baby loss and mental health. In many ways, this blog is more honest than the person I present to the world. (It’s easy to hide behind a computer screen and keyboard).

As this is the case, I knew that I had to be honest with you, my dear readers, about the fact that I had fallen off the wagon. That I’d let myself down.

Eventually, I spoke to Lamorna and I was honest with her too. It was a phone call that I’d been dreading. But Lamorna was her gorgeous self. She told me that I hadn’t let anyone down. And then she said something that really helped. She told me that in the book of my life, my blip was merely a sentence. It wasn’t even a chapter, a page or a paragraph. It was just a sentence. And few people remember individual sentences in a book.

Once I looked at my blip in this light I was able to put it behind me and move on. And Lamorna and I were able to talk about some new changes that I could make to my diet and activity levels.

Moving Forward

That was a few weeks ago. And although I’m not doing as well as I was a month or so ago, I’m feeling that I’m on the right track. My health has become a priority again. I’m going to reread all the information that Lamorna has sent through. I’m going to be more accountable in the Facebook group. And I’m going to be more accountable to you, my dear readers.

So over the next month or so, you will see more posts from me about embracing a healthier lifestyle. I will tell you about the changes I’m making. I will chart my successes and the times when I’ve not done so well (I refuse to say failed). And as always I will be totally honest. Because that’s the type of person I am.

“Hey! I’m not giving up today
There’s nothing getting in my way
And if you knock-knock me over
I will get back up again
Oh, If something goes a little wrong
Well, you can go ahead and bring it on
‘Cause if you knock-knock me over,
I will get back up again.”

                                   Get Back Up Again from the Trolls soundtrack





I’m working with Lamorna from Lamorna Nutrition and Fitness for 12 weeks. I’m getting this programme for free in return for regular features on my blog. However, as always all words and opinions are 100% my own. I honestly love working with Lamorna and I am gutted that I’ve let her down.


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    Zoe L
    April 15, 2018 at 9:58 pm

    You have not failed, nor are you failing, you’ve just simply hit a small bump in the road. I’m currently on a weight loss journey too and recently been in a slight blip too. It’s important to take the breaks to get our mental health back on track we can’t spin too many plates. Good luck getting back into it and being accountable.

    • Reply
      Mrs H
      April 15, 2018 at 10:09 pm

      Thanks for your lovely comment. You’re so right. And I will always put my mental health first. I hope you’re able to get through your blip too. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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