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How A Change Of Scenery Can Really Benefit Your Mental Health

A photograph of a train track - How A Change Of Scenery Can Really Benefit Your Mental Health - Mrs H's favourite things

This is a collaborative post. Getting away from it all, even just for a few days, may seem like a luxury, but did you know it could be crucial to your mental health? Even just taking a day trip can have a significantly positive effect on your mental health. If you’ve been going through a stressful time, whether at work or because of a personal tragedy, below you’ll discover why a change of scenery could be just what you need.…

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Travel & Days Out

Paradise Wildlife Park – A Review

A photogrA photograph of a little girl looking at the penguins at Paradise Wildlife Park - Paradise Wildlife Park - A Review - Mrs H's favourite things

Both our children, Little Mister H especially, love animals and dinosaurs. So we were really thrilled to be invited along to Paradise Wildlife Park earlier in August – as it has plenty of both. Paradise Wildlife Park – A Review Situated just to the West of Broxbourne in Hertfordshire, Paradise Wildlife Park is under an hour’s drive from my parents’ house (where we were staying with the kids for a few days). It’s a pretty convenient location for anyone north…

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Travel & Days Out

LEGOLAND Windsor Resort – A Review

A brightly coloured photograph of a little boy toddling through Miniland at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort - LEGOLAND Windsor Resort - A Review - Mrs H's favourite things

We love to go for a day out as a family. And during these summer holidays, Mr H has had a few weeks off and we’ve been having a staycation. As part of this staycation, we woke up early one morning and piled into the car to drive to LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort. Little Miss H had been pushing to go to LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort ever since her twin besties had been earlier in the year. We were thrilled that we could…

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Travel & Days Out

7 Things To Do In Bristol

A photograph of hot air balloons from Bristol's International Balloon Fiesta floating in the sky above Bristol - 7 Things To Do In Bristol - Mrs H's favourite things

This is a collaborative post.  My family and I moved to Bristol when I was four years old. But when we moved our house was still being built. So we lived in a hotel for a month – the Unicorn Hotel. It was very exciting. We finally moved to our new house on my fifth birthday. And I always believed that our new house was my birthday present. We only lived there for five years but I was devastated when…

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Finding Happiness Travel & Days Out

Our Week In Broadstairs

A photograph of a little girl playing in the shallows of the sea at Botany Bay in Broadstairs, Kent- Our Week in Broadstairs - Mrs H's favourite things

It is the first week of the Summer holidays and the weather has been hit and miss. But we’ve still managed to have fun. We’ve built dens, baked cookies, seen an open air performance of Alice through the looking glass,  visited a farm, played games and watched Peppa Pig. And of course, we went out in the rain for a walk in the woods behind our house. This led to the obligatory jumping in muddy puddles. That pig has a…

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A perfect Mother’s Day – My Captured Moment

A black and white photograph of a mother and her young daughter on a swing in the middle of a wood - with the title "A perfect Mother's Day" - Mrs H's favourite things

Last week, I celebrated my third Mother's Day. Having suffered from recurrent miscarriages, I know how blessed I am to celebrate this day at all. Having children is much harder than it looks. Not the process of child rearing (although that has its good and bad days) but the process of creating, making and baking a baby. That is why I never take my family for granted and I am so grateful that they are a part of my life. And this year's…

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Finding Happiness Motherhood

Days Out In The Winter Sunshine – My Captured Moment

As a family we love going for days out. It is a chance for us to get out in the sunshine, absorb some Vitamin D and enjoy the sites of Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding area. It also allows us to spend quality time together. To laugh, to talk and to be a family. Mr H took some time off over Christmas. When the weather was nice, we packed up the car and went to parks, farms and on a hunt for…

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Finding Happiness

Because I’m Happy – The Last Weeks Of September

A baby girl lying in her cot wearing a sleeping suit and smiling_with the title "Because I'm happy..."_Mrs H's favourite things

I can't believe that it has been so long since I shared one of my Because I'm happy posts. How remiss of me! Sorry. The past few weeks have mostly been about settling in to our new home in Tunbridge Wells. I love it here but I do miss my friends back in Medway. When we lived in Rochester, I saw one of the yummy mummies most days during the week. It seems odd not having them right down the road. Anyway,…

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