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Why ‘Back In Your Day’ No Longer Matters

A photograph of a mother holding her toddler boy's hand as they are walking in the sunshine- Why Back In Your Day No Longer Matters - Mrs H's favourite things

This is a collaborative post. The world evolves and changes at a rapid pace, and when it comes to the world of parenthood, it seems to change on a daily basis. When you pick up a current pregnancy book it will be vastly different from those from thirty years ago. Change, evolution and a ton of research has meant that we do things very differently now compared to our own parents and grandparents. You just have to tune into Mummy…

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Weaning Wins With Organic Purées From The Goodness Gracious Food Company

A photograph of a 9 month old baby sitting who is in the process of Weaning, sitting in his highchair with a pouch of organic purée from Goodness Gracious Food Company in front of him - Weaning wins with organic purées from Goodness Gracious Food Company - Mrs H's favourite things

I remember finding weaning Little Miss H stressful. Even the thought of beginning the weaning journey sent me into a panic. Before we began to wean Little Miss I decided to do some research so that I actually knew what I was doing. I read books and I held an NCT led course on weaning in our house. At first, I gave Little Miss H finger food. But this was not popular. She often refused all the food that I…

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Little Mister H at eight months old featuring Sgt. Smith

A photograph of our eight month old baby boy wearing a grey and yellow striped personalised dinosaur babygrow from Sgt. Smith, sitting up, starring at the camera, blowing a raspberry and with a very cheeky face - Little Mister H at eight months old - an update - Mrs H's favourite things - featured image

Our little boy is eight months old. He is growing up too quickly. Months pass in the blink of an eye. And the newborn days seem far behind us. Even at eight months old, Little Mister H seems to be approaching toddlerdom at a rate of knots. I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts walking before he is a year old. But in the meantime I am treasuring every moment with our precious little munchkin. And he is such a joy to be with.…

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