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Our Weekend Happy #2 – Pampering, Pyjamas & Muddy Puddles

A photograph of a card with the quotation "Self care is not a luxury but a priority" - Our Weekend Happy #2 - Pampering, Pyjamas and Muddy Puddles - Mrs H's favourite things

Last week, I started writing a post called Our Weekend Happy. It is based on a weekly post that one of my favourite bloggers, Lisa from Mummascribbles writes. I’ve always loved her posts. And so I decided that I wanted to write something similar.

Next Wednesday (Wednesday 31st January) Lisa and I are launching Our Weekend Happy as a linky and an Instagram hashtag community. We would love you to join us and link up any happy posts about your weekend. Also, remember to use the hashtag #ourweekendhappy for any happy weekend Instagram photographs. We plan to do a monthly round-up of our favourite photos from the #ourweekendhappy community.

Our weekend Happy – #2

Saturday 20th January 2018

A yummy brunch in Clapham

On Saturday, I got the train to Clapham Junction as I was heading for a few hours of pampering at The Space Retreat. I got an earlier train and although it was pouring with rain I had a little wander around Clapham.  After a while I began to feel hungry and so with some time to kill, I headed into a little French café that I found.

I ordered a hot chocolate, a fresh orange juice and a chocolate brioche (which was served with butter and jam). It was absolutely yummy. And while eating my brunch I sat and read a few chapters of The Power by Naomi Alderman. The Power is January’s book for the Bookish Mama book club that I run on Facebook with Naomi from The Organised Life Project and Jess from Catch a Single Thought. I can’t say I particularly enjoyed the book. But I did find it intriguing and I wanted to read it whenever I found a spare moment. (There will be a full review of the book coming on the blog soon).

A photograph of a chocolate brioche served with jam and butter - Our Weekend Happy #2 - Pampering, Pyjamas and Muddy Puddles - Mrs H's favourite things

Pampering at The Space Retreat

After I’d polished off the brioche, I headed to The Space Retreat. Unfortunately, Google maps kindly sent me the wrong way. But thankfully it was only a short walk to the Old Laundry Building which houses The Space Retreat.

Onika, the owner and creator of The Space Retreat was standing outside the building and welcomed me with a warm hug. We’d been chatting on Instagram so I already felt that I knew her.

A photograph of the interiors of The Space Retreat - filled with light, white walls and squashy sofas - Our Weekend Happy #2 - Pampering, Pyjamas and Muddy Puddles - Mrs H's favourite things

From the moment, I entered The Space Retreat I instantly felt calmer. I will write a full review soon but in the meantime, I will just tell you a little bit about the hours I spent there.

“An oasis for busy women, especially mums where you can escape, breathe, be pampered and relax.”

I was booked for the afternoon session and this ran from 12:00 to 15:00. And it was 3 hours of pure bliss. The Space Retreat is held in the most beautiful location. Filled with light, white walls and squishy sofas. Perfect for curling up with a good book. And I was thrilled to see a supply of fantastic books (including Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert which is on my to-read list) and a selection of magazines.

The 3 hours went by so quickly. They were completely relaxing and I didn’t have to lift a finger. During that time, I took part in a guided meditation, was given a luxurious manicure and hand massage, did some colouring, read, chatted to some lovely women, ate yummy snacks and even managed to grab a nap for 30 minutes.

I left feeling like a different woman. And I was really excited to get home to see Mr H and the children. I travelled home on the train and read Big Magic (I may have bought myself a copy) and admired my manicure.

A photograph of a manicured hand holding a copy of Elizabeth Gilbert's book Big Magic - Our Weekend Happy #2 - Pampering, Pyjamas and Muddy Puddles - Mrs H's favourite things

Time for Mr H and I

When I got home it was time for dinner and bedtime. Once the children were in bed, Mr H and I settled down to watch a film.

Saturday night is now a social media and phone free evening. Mr H and I just spend time together.

So we watched a movie on Netflix, drank wine and chatted about our day. Mr H told me all about what he and the children had been up to. And I talked about the fabulous few hours I’d spent at The Space Retreat.

We watched The Origin Wars. A low-budget Australian science fiction that was actually surprisingly good. Once that was finished, we watched the last two episodes of Orphan Black.

Sunday 21st January 2018

Lazy morning

Sunday was a very lazy day. We had no plans and just wanted to spend the day together as a family.

Mr H went out for a run and then had a bath. I made apple pancakes for breakfast. And we played games with the children and Little Miss, Little Mister and I stayed in our pyjamas.

Little Mister H went down for a nap at 10:30. And I went to have a bath and read more of my book.

We had planned to eat Chunky Shepherd’s Pie from Candice Brown’s book Comfort for dinner. So while Little Mister napped and I had a bath, Little Miss H and Mr H started to make that.

Jumping in muddy puddles

The weather was terrible all day. But after lunch, we decided to head out so that we could all get some fresh air and burn off some energy.

We headed to Standen House and Gardens. Mr H and I enjoyed wandering around the beautiful house. The children preferred running around the garden and splashing in muddy puddles.

A photograph of a little boy in a splash suit and splashing in muddy puddles - Our Weekend Happy #2 - Pampering, Pyjamas and Muddy Puddles - Mrs H's favourite things

I love seeing our two gorgeous rainbows playing together. And watching them giggle together as they jumped up and down in muddy puddles warmed my heart and made me smile.

A photograph of a four year old girl and her baby brother jumping in muddy puddles at Standen House and Gardens - Our Weekend Happy #2 - Pampering, pyjamas ad muddy puddles - Mrs H's favourite things

After an hour, we were all cold and wet and so we headed home. I gave the children their baths while Mr H finished cooking the dinner. We then had a family dinner and after that, we snuggled on the sofa to watch a few episodes of CBeebies bedtime stories before putting the children to bed.

Little Miss H was so excited to go to bed. As during the day, her first milk tooth had fallen out. So she couldn’t wait to see what the tooth fairy would bring her. And she went to bed with her little tooth wrapped in a tissue and placed safely under her pillow.

A photograph of a four year old girl holding up her first baby tooth having just lost it - Our Weekend Happy #2 - Pampering, Pyjamas and Muddy Puddles - Mrs H's favourite things

Homeland and planning for the week ahead

Once the children were in bed, we popped the TV on and noticed that Netflix was now showing season 6 of Homeland. We watched the first episode of the season and I spent that time planning for the week ahead. I love to spend an hour on a Sunday with my planner and bullet journal. It really helps my anxiety. Then after an hour blogging, I headed to bed and slept the whole night through. A perfect weekend!


What did you do last weekend? I really hope to see you joining Our Weekend Happy linky next week. Also, remember to tag your happy weekend photos on Instagram with the hashtag #ourweekendhappy.





I attended The Space Retreat for free so that I can review it on this blog. However, as always all words and opinions are 100% my own. And I honestly loved going there and can not rave about it enough. 


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    Jenna Richards
    January 24, 2018 at 4:50 pm

    Bah, now all I want is a chocolate brioche!

    Well done for taking the time for self-care, it’s so important.

    I’ve been sending myself for long baths on the weekends and just that hour so doing nothing is making the world of difference.

    • Reply
      Mrs H
      January 24, 2018 at 10:07 pm

      It was an amazing chocolate brioche. Probably the best that I’ve eaten. And going for some pampering was fantastic. I like the sound of having a long bath at the weekend. Baths can be so relaxing. Thanks for commenting lovely. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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