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In The Pursuit Of Happiness

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I often believe that people who suffer with mental health problems get a raw deal. They are considered sad individuals who can barely crack a smile. That they aren’t able to feel happiness or joy.

This is untrue. I can feel great happiness and joy. I can feel the excited happiness that comes when you dance around the room to your favourite song. The happiness that comes from chatting with your best friends. I know the contented happiness that comes from getting a hug from one of my children. And I can also experience the thrill of joy when my husband smiles at me.

Yet, I suffer from depression and sometimes happiness eludes me. It can be in the same room, or just around the corner but I can’t find it.

In The Pursuit Of Happiness

And that is why I’ve decided that 2019 is going to be the year that I look for happiness and hold on to it. That I, selfishly or unselfishly, put my happiness first.

So over the past month, I’ve been doing more and more things that bring me joy. I’ve been investing in my happiness.

These are a few things (big and small) that I’ve been doing in the pursuit of happiness:

  1. Reading.
  2. Watching romantic comedy movies.
  3. Wearing new clothes that I love.
  4. Wearing dangly earrings.
  5. Putting on bright lipstick.
  6. Exercising.
  7. Doing yoga.
  8. Going to bed earlier.
  9. Seeing my friends more.
  10. Practising deep breathing.

What little things do you do on a regular basis to make yourself happy?




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