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Baby Loss

Medical Management Of A Missed Miscarriage

A faded photograph of a sunset with a dandelion clock and dandelion seeds blowing in the wind - Medical Management Of A Missed Miscarriage - Mrs Hs favourite things

TRIGGER WARNING: Baby loss. The post “Medical Management Of A Missed Miscarriage” contains details of miscarriage and baby loss.   This week is Baby Loss Awareness Week 2018. Our first miscarriage was over four years ago, yet I can remember it as if it were yesterday. Baby loss stays with you. And though time passes the memories still haunt you and the heartbreak remains. But the loss of a baby isn’t just an emotional experience. It’s also a very physical and…

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Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness & Chasing Rainbows – September 2018

A photograph of a woman and her children flying a kite on a beach on a beautiful sunny day - Finding Happiness And Chasing Rainbows - Mrs H's favourite things

When I originally began to write this blog it was as a form of therapy. My chronic depression and anxiety had relapsed and I’d been signed off sick for three months. I was seeing a therapist and she suggested that I start writing a blog about the things in my life that make me happy. Those little things that put a smile on your face. That show you that finding happiness even on the worst days is possible. Over the…

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Blogging & Vlogging

My Favourite Bloggers Featuring Lilypad And Bow

A title image photograph for My Favourite Bloggers series - My Favourite Bloggers Featuring Lilypad and Bow - Mrs H's favourite things

I’ve been a blogger for a long time now, and during that time I’ve read some amazing blogs written by people that I now consider friends. I’ve read blog posts that have made me cry and others that have made me laugh. Writing that’s inspiring and writing that’s educational. These are words on a screen that have made me feel less alone. That have reached out and given me a virtual hug when I needed one. They’ve helped me realise…

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Finding Happiness

Anniversary Gifts (With A Twist)

A photograph of two wedding rings on a white background - Anniversary Gifts (With A Twist) - Mrs H's favourite things

This is a collaborative post. Regular readers will be aware that I try to share positive vibes and focus on the good things in life – and that means putting in a little extra effort when it comes to buying the perfect gift! My parents are going to be celebrating their golden wedding anniversary next year and so I’ve recently been looking into 30th, 40th, and 50th wedding anniversary gifts. Because I like to be prepared (both for myself and…

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Thoughts & Inspiration

Life Lessons that I Thought I’d Have Learnt By Now

A photograph of a woman sitting in a garden looking into the distance - The Life Lessons I Thought I Would Know By Now - Mrs H's favourite things

When I was a young adult and I looked at people in their 30s or 40s, I always assumed that they had this game of life sussed. They were mature adults. Surely, they knew exactly what they were doing. Surely, they’d learnt the lessons of how to live a happy and contented life. I looked at them in awe and believed they all lived perfect lives. They seemed filled with wisdom and knowledge and a confidence I couldn’t imagine possessing.…

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Health & Welfare

Comforting Your Child’s Eczema With Oilatum #NationalEczemaWeek

A photograph of a little girl cuddling her favourite softtoys and wrapped in a baby's blanket - Comforting Your Child's Eczema With Oilatum - #NationalEczemaWeek - Mrs H's favourite things

‘Comforting Your Child’s Eczema With Oilatum #NationalEczemaWeek’ is a sponsored post. As a parent, you give comfort to your child for many reasons. You give them a cuddle when they are upset. Or you tuck them up on the sofa with their favourite blanket and soft toy when they’re ill. And you comfort yourself from the stresses and worry of life by making yourself a calming cup of tea or lighting a sweet smelling candle. But if you’re child suffers…

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Books & Bakes Mental Health

Taking ‘Time To Read’ With Little Miss H And The BookTrust

A photograph of a mother reading the Time To Read book Little Monkey to her daughter in bed - Taking Time To Read With Little Miss H And The BookTrust - Mrs H's favourite things

Reading is a big part of life in our house. Lately, I’ve fallen back in love with novels thanks to the Bookish Mamas book club which I run online with two other bloggers (Jess and Naomi). We’re also helping Little Miss H with her school reading (which is really coming on). And bedtime involves reading at least two stories to Little Miss H and at least another two to Little Mister H (their book preferences are quite different and we haven’t…

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Blogging & Vlogging Mental Health

Am I Inspiring?

A photograph of a woman sitting on a bed and reading a book - Am I inspiring? A Post About Being A Finalist In The Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Awards - #BiBs2018 - Mrs H's favourite things

“You’re so inspiring.” These are words that I often hear because of my blog. Normally after I’ve written a post about being a mother with mental ill-health or surviving baby loss. Yet, inspiring is not a word I would apply to myself. I didn’t enter the world of blogging with the intention to inspire. Instead, I became a blogger for selfish reasons. Am I Inspiring? I started blogging back in 2012. I’d been signed off work for three and a…

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