Looking after sensitive skin during pregnancy

Looking after sensitive skin during pregnancy

I have extremely sensitive skin and there have been many times when I have had an allergic reaction to a product that claimed to be hypoallergenic.

As I have got older my skin has become even more sensitive and now, in my late 30’s, I’ve developed rosacea. A skin condition that leads to a reddening of the face. It also often leads to my skin feeling sore and itchy, with nasty spots.

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and I have been suffering with increasingly sensitive skin since the first trimester. My rosacea has also been worse and I have often gone to bed with a hot, sore and red face.

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Sunday Stars – 08/05/2016

Sunday Stars – 08/05/2016

Welcome back to Sunday Stars!

This linky is designed to give bloggers a place to share their favourite posts; old and new. If there is a post that you are particularly proud of or a post that you feel did not receive the love it deserved then please link it up. We would love you to join us.

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The body confidence challenge

The body confidence challenge A few weeks ago, the lovely Jules who blogs at Pondering Parenthood tagged me to take part in the body confidence challenge. The challenge was originally created by Eilidh at Mummy and Monkeys. Elidih pointed out that we very rarely look in the mirror and see something we like. It is much easier to find the things that you dislike or want to change. But isn’t it time we were kinder to ourselves? Isn’t it time we take a moment to really look at ourselves in the mirror and appreciate the features that make us beautiful and unique? That is why this challenge was born. And the idea is simple. I need to look at myself in the mirror and pick 5 features from my face or body that I really like. Then next time I look in the mirror and think ‘yuck’, I can give my confidence a boost by remembering that I have many beautiful features. The five things body confidence challenge I have never had the greatest body confidence. There have been times in my life (often coinciding with depressive episodes) when I have hated most things about myself. Particularly my physical appearance. At those times I have thought of myself as truly hideous. Since going to university (back in the 90’s) my weight has fluctuated hugely. And there were times when I would alternate between starving myself for days and then binge eating and making myself very sick. It is only since being in my 30’s that I have actually felt more confident in my skin and happy with my appearance. I know that I am not a supermodel but... read more

My Monthly Bucket List – May 2016

My Monthly Bucket List – May 2016

Where did April go? The past few months seem to have been flashing before my eyes. I’m in shock that we are now entering the fifth month of the year.

I can’t quite believe that in less than three months, we will hopefully get to meet Little Mister H and our second rainbow baby will complete our family.

I know that the next few months will fly by. And yet we have so much that we need to do before baby boy arrives. I have a very long to-do list to get through before our family grows.

To help me plough my way through everything on my to-do list, I decided that I will join in with the beautiful Beth at Twinderelmo and her Monthly Bucket List linky. I joined in with this linky for a while last year and it helped me feel more organised and in control.

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